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Oct 27, 2006 05:27 PM

Best pre-fixe lunch deal in Manhatten

Hello all: I'm looking for the best pre-fixe lunch deal in midtown for a nice anniversary lunch with my husband. Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Jean-Georges - $28 for 2 courses, $12 for each additional and $8 for dessert.

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      1. re: Phil E

        Indeed! And we did not order any additional as the 2 courses plus dessert was more than sufficient.

        1. re: syoung

          Absolutely. Excellent, excellent dining experience and not insultingly expensive.

        2. re: Phil E

          i just booked nougatine in jean georges today for 4 people for lunch. it's the slightly less fancy section of JG and they have a 3-course prix fix lunch for $26. have you tried both? if so, is the 2-course version at JG better?

          1. re: pork_buns

            Yes, the JG main dining room is much better. Slightly pricier and more formal though.

        3. Fleur de Sel is pretty incredible, with a 3-course lunch tasting menu for $25; 4-courses at $42.

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            1. re: pork_buns

              pork_buns, Look at the date stamps and you will see that the original post is 4 years old (Oct. 2006)., as is asdf's reply. Fleur de Sel (which was a favorite of ours) was open then. It closed in Jan. 2009.

          1. Eleven Madison Park now has two 3-course lunch tasting options: Aquatic and Gourmand. $36 each.


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            1. re: RGR

              They stopped serving the 3 course prix fixe lunch recently.

              1. re: chocokitty

                You're right, chocokitty. They're now serving just one 5-course Gourmand tasting menu for $58. That's in addition to the a la carte menu. I guess we must remove EMP from the list of moderately-priced lunch prix-fixes. However, if someone is looking for a sensational celebratory lunch and is willing to pay the price, EMP is a great choice.

            2. Gotham Bar and Grill - 3 course, $25

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                1. re: pablog98

                  We were there for lunch today; it's actually $27. Fabulous deal, particularly since they also have normally quite expenseive 1/2 bottles also for $27 (2 red plus 2 white), and full bottles for $27 at a good discount (also 2 red plus 2 white) or a flight of three 3 oz pours for $27. (We had the 2005 Bastianich Tocai Friulano; Gotham B & G also offered a rioja and a chianti for the full bottle reds -- sorry I don't remember the details.)

                  Anyway, the Gotham deal is truly remarkable, and noses out for me both Jean George and Jojo. Fleur de Sel to me seemed to have 2d tier dishes on the prix fixe, although we only tried it once.

                  1. re: Food Fiend

                    Fleur de Sel has dishes from the a la carte menu on their $25 lunch, and not cheap ones either (usually they are $30 dishes)

                2. Bouley was an amazing lunch experience. They have two tasting menus for lunch-one is $38 and one is $48. I don't think they're very different from the dinner menus.