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Oct 27, 2006 05:19 PM

Article About the Former Chef at The White House

The NYTimes wrote an article abot Walter Scheib the former Chef at the White House. I found it pretty interesting. He has a new book coming out.

If members want to add anything to this post please make sure it is not political. This is a food board and politics are better discussed elsewhere.

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  1. I can't open the link. Can you supply a digest?

    1. I find Chef Scheib to be the quintessential professional. His statement that he isn't in the kitchen to serve what he wants, but what the First Family wants is right on the money.

      It's hard to avoid the stereotypical associations a reader brings to and takes away from this story.

      Of course, we can all recall catastophic gastronomic associations associated with past presidents.

      Remember Nixon's cottage cheese and ketchup and LBJ's love of "barbecue" which, when looked at from today's perspective appears to be an overcooked, oversauced mess.

      Chef Scheib seems far better off today. Like Anthony Bourdain he can now wear comfortable clothes, keep regular hours, tell tales and make a lot more money.


      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Seems like I've got a Barbara Bush baked potato soup recipe somewhere, and a Laura Bush one-dish-supper recipe. Anybody else with *official* White House recipes, from ANY administration? Something from Jackie? (The closest I can come to that is watercress soup from Lady Di) Did Jackie cook? Hillary?

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            There is a wonderful cookbook, part history, part recipes that presents recipes from many administration.

            White House Cookbook, Revised and Updated Centennial Edition


          2. I have some cookie recipes from Albert Kumin, who was White House Pastry Chef during the Carter administration. The recipes were published by Family Circle magazine — a Christmas issue, I think.