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Where to go in calgary?

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I was hoping that you guys can help me out with some suggestions. My girlfriend is coming back from out of town tomorrow and I wanted to take her out for dinner. What are some good places to go. Looking for somewhere with good food and nice ambience. We're both in our late 20's.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Capo
    Raw Bar
    River Cafe
    Artisan Bistro
    Opus on 8th

    That oughta get you started. I haven't even mentioned some great ethnic spots.

    1. I second Mercato and Brava as good places to eat that have a cool, hip ambiance and are located in good 'date' areas.

      1. Cilantro - my top choice. I am in my late 20's and this place has a great atmosphere (for any age), great food, and reasonable prices. By far my favorite in the city.

        1. Does Cilantro have AC? I went there during the summer and it was absolutely stifling. Or was the AC simply broken?

          1. I will third Bravo and Cilantro.

            I will also second Capo, Raw Bar, Divino and Muse.

            I will also add Rouge, St Germain and Alexis.

            I will also mention to avoid Belgo at all costs.

            If you want further info on any of these places, just ask, I and others would be happy to provide more details.

            1. I always want to love Cilantro, but am never that happy with what I get. I think i have ordered/tasted almost 90% of the menu at ths point (its barely changed in the last 10 years) and have only enjoyed the pear gorgonzola pizza or some of the steaks.
              Super cute atmosphere tho and very charming...I just wish I wasnt always a bit disapointed with my order.

              1. Graze Grill for Steak or prime Rib
                The Verve
                The Belvider
                Cactus Club on Barlow Tr
                Carvers Steakhouse(little pricy)