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Best dives?

OK, let's rack our brains- what are the best dives in the region? Ben's Chilli Bowl comes to mind as does Quarterdeck for crabs. What do you all have?

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    1. Speaking of dives, any news on the new Stoney's on P Street?


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        Yeah! I didn't know they were relocating. Though the old location was great AND across the street from a client I visit regularly.

      2. I recommend Jay's Saloon in Clarendon. The food is decent and cheap, beer available on tap, and a clientele that tends to define the term "dive bar."

        Here is the washingtonpost.com review: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-...

        1. The Post Pub on L Street.

          1. There is this really tasty mexican fast food. On 14th Street. Next to the liquor store (around N, I beleive). The food is good and very cheap. It's called 'something papuseria'?

            1. Friendly Inn on Tuxedo Rd in the Cheverly Industrial Park - good food (ask the chef/owner/bartender what's good first) - cheap beer.

              1. Most of my favorite places are dives, but if I had to vote for one, it'd be Pyramid at 6th and Florida.

                1. Steve, in Washington, DC, there are TWO addresses that are 6th and Florida - in NE and in NW. You should give the quadrant.
                  Pyramid is in NW.

                  1. If you want to go granola, one of my favorite little dives is the Berwyn cafe on Berwyn Road in College Park. The thought of a tofu gyro was rather unappealing to me until I tried it and it was truly wonderful. I am hooked on this place. http://www.berwyncafe.net