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Oct 27, 2006 04:46 PM

Bodum 1218 Santos Coffee Maker Set

Just found this on Amazon and thought about getting it on it's artsy design alone. I'm a sucker like that, but thought I'd actually research it on it's coffee-making merits.

Does anyone know much about it?

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  1. Well, I used to use a Bodum Santos, but not w/ the heating source as a part of the apparatus. Mine sat on the stove. I love the coffee a vacuum pot makes, but it's sort of like a chemistry experiment every time you make it. I never quite got the knack fo doing it right every time....

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      This is a real plebe question, but how does it actually work?

      1. re: Magdalene

        My science-deficient sense is that it's the same principle as an espresso pot. Water goes in the bottom chamber, coffee in the bottom of the upper chamber (similar to the middle chamber in an espresso pot). As the water heats, it's drawn up the stem into the upper chamber where it wets the grounds and brews the coffee. When all the water has evacuated the bottom chamber a vacuum (or partial vacuum) is formed and the coffee is drawn back down leaving the grounds behind trapped by the filter at the neck of the upper chamber.

        It all takes about a couple minutes once the water comes to a boil, depending, of course, on how much water there is.

    2. Is this the electric version?

      If so, when I was workign at one of the big kitchen stores...we used to get these back all the time. Consistently just about everyone we sold came back within a year....same problem everytime - they'd stop brewing.

      That said, they had a very devoted fan club and we'd have people go through a couple of them, have them die, and keep wanting to get another one....they felt the coffee was just that good out of them.

      I've never had the coffee myself...and given the return rate I saw wouldn't buy one but am not a coffee purist...

      1. We use one of the electric ones, and love it. Yes, we've had problems in the past, and expect them to last about a year. That said, we've had our current one over a year. Maybe Bodum finally got it right. Vacuum pots are one of the better ways to make coffee, but there are some that don't favor the electric versions. Problem is that you have more control with others. The Bodum times how long the heat remains on the lower pot, and gives you no control over this. The heat in the lower pot controls how long the coffee brews/steeps in the upper pot. When the heat turns off, the coffee falls. Most who love vacuum pots want the ability to control how long the coffee brews/steeps, and thus like the ones like Cona that have a separate heat source.

        1. We just got one. My husband loves the coffee. I love that every part gets thoroughly cleaned after each pot — no nasty nooks or crannies to hide deposits of those oils that go rancid and make coffee taste bitter. I also love watching it brew — a little morning floor show!

          Distressing to hear that they degenerate. Do you think the rubber plug around the stem of the upper chamber needs replacing from time to time?

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            My experience has been with the electronics, not the vacuum. Seems like water gets into the base.... or humidity at least, and we've had problems with the pot starting to leak :(

            Like I said, our latest one has been going strong for a while. Maybe they changed the specs for the better.