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Oct 27, 2006 04:44 PM

Owners of Five boot Woodman

Per both Zimmern and the Strib, the owners of Five have decided to fire Stuart Woodman and his wife.

In a recent thread, I wondered why Five never gets any mention around here. There was some initial buzz when it opened last year...

The general impression was "good but not outstanding," as one person put it. I thought the menu looked terrific, but it was also the most expensive in town (even higher than La Belle Vie for the tasting menu). That's a lot to pay for "good but not outstanding," so I never made plans to go, and after it dropped off the radar, I just sort of forgot about it.

What happened to Five? Did it fail to take off? Was it a victim of too much hype, too high prices, too low quality, chef ego, management cost-cutting, bad location...?

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  1. For those that are looking vainly in the header, in the text, in the abbreviated name of the local paper ... here you go:

    Jordan is talking about a restaurant in Minneapolis, MN.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      My apologies -- totally forgot to specify the location.

    2. We went to the fine dining section of Five 3 times in the past year. The food was exquisite each time.

      However the last time we were thereSsept) it was clear something was up. He had an investor in on Saturday night and he had, according to the staff, juggled the menu some.

      I'm hopeful that he will end up somewhere else because the man is good.

      1. Great chef, bad financial manager. End of story.

        1. We went to Five about a year ago and six of us got the tasting menu. The food was good, but not impressive enough for the price nor the attitude. Clearly sticking out in my mind were terrible scallops, tough and fishy tasting.

          Since that experience we go to Levain or La Belle Vie for our special events, we had no desire to go back to Five.