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Oct 27, 2006 04:27 PM

Ordering roasted organic or smoked turkey

Planning on ordering a turkey rather than cook my own for Thanksgiving. Anyone have any places to recommend in Brooklyn from which I could order a good already cooked bird, preferably a happy bird (free-range, organic) or a smoked bird? Thanks.

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  1. Waterfront Alehouse sells smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving

    1. Although not in Brooklyn, the best smoked turkey in the universe comes from GREENBERG'S TURKEYS in Tyler Texas. We were blown away by the deliciousness.

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        This reply is the same as the other.

        Tastes like the State Fair's turkey leg. Usually I love the State Fair's turkey leg. It's pretty awesome. Other than that I think Greenberg's Turkey isn't original.

        Mine was a bit dry probably because I didn't brown the turkey right. Overall, I didn't like it. The flavor of the meat was marinated probably with just salt. I think I'll just wait until the next State Fair to enjoy my turkey off the grill. =]

        However, if you never had smoked turkey, you should go ahead and order from Greenberg.

      2. Greenberg's is one of the best mail-order foods I"ve ever had. They are reliable, and delicious. When you've finished, if you save all your trimmings, bones, etc. you can make a strong stock that can be used, diluted, to make soups ordinarily make with ham. Skim the fat, chop some of the turkey meat and have a fat-free split-pea soup that can't be beat.