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Happy Visit to Casa Rosa

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Last Sunday we set out for some hearty red sauce and pasta for dinner. At least 3 of our neighbors on our Carroll Gardens block mentioned just finishing early dinners of rigatoni and meat sauce, which got our mouths watering.

We headed to Vinny's, but it was closed. As was Ferdinando's. We ended up at Casa Rosa on Court, where we'd been once and left unimpressed, after ordering a pork chop and a pasta sauced with cream. This time we ordered right!

We both ordered entrees featuring red sauce -- bucatini with tomato, 'bacon' and onion; and fettucine bolognese. The bucatini sauce tasted full of ripe tomatoes and balanced well with the bite of the bacon and onion. The bolognese was pink from a touch of cream. The portions were true family style and next time we'll order less.

I was delighted because I'd like to support this old establishment which is always so quiet compared to the hopping Fragole's a half block away. Am curious what others' experiences have been?

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