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Armandino Batali's Salumi

Does anyone know where to buy Armandino Batali's salumi? I know several restaurants serve them and you can purchase them online directly, but would love to be able to purchase them locally.

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  1. I've gotten it at the Cheese Shop of Beverly hills (AKA Dommy's personal crack house) and it's also available at Cube on La Brea and Melrose (Which I hope to explore soon!! :))


    1. Yes you can. I have been to the shop in Seattle a couple of times. The mole salami is amazing.

      Here is the link.


      1. Thanks, all. I forgot about CSBH and Cube is close by.

        1. I got some yesterday... of course, I was in Seattle for the day, so I was right there. They did not have their famous culatello, much to my disappointment. But Armandino said he would ship it to me if I gave him a call. Mail order seems like the best way to get all their products since they only seem to distribute a portion of their product line.

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            Thanks, Glutton. It's the lardo, culatello, guanciale and the products he sells only to the trade that I was particularly interested in. Glad to know I can just call and he'll send it.

            1. aah, but can it stand up to its compadres in Italy?

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                It will have to do until we can get the good Italian in this country.

              2. Bon Vivant: I love Momofuku as well.

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                  Momufuku noodles make me cry too. Actually, everything that I've had there has made me cry it's so good.

                2. Update: I went to CSBH. They have stopped carrying Armandino Batali's products. They said the availability and quality was too inconsistent. Haven't had a chance to try his stuff, so I'm curious as to other people's opinions.

                  1. I went to Cube on Saturday afternoon and had the full attentions of the staff, two young women who knew what they were doing and enjoyed letting me taste the incredible selection of salumi they have, including Papa Batali's. I purchased his Salumi Salame which was unbelievably good. Also Fra Mani's Nostrono (sp?), and the two were devoured at a dinner party that night, with a little Batali salami left over for a pizza that I made last night. Cube had guanciale for sale from Batali too, so its not only to the trade any more here at least.

                    No lardo, sadly.

                    Cube made me very happy however. Still smiling.

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                      Aww... No Lardo... aww... sadly I guess that's a good thing...

                      I'm going this Saturday to pick up some Lamb procuitto for my dinner party... can't wait!! :)


                    2. I was at the BH Cheese Store on Saturday and they told me that they've stopped carrying the Batali salumi due to inconsistent quality. I have yet to see that, but I also have not been eating salumi products all that long.

                      1. Personally, I have some "inconsistent quality" issues with the Cheese Shop of BH!
                        I have had to return some cheeses there, which is really beyond the pale. Hopefully an aberation--but, isn't their complaint about Batali Salumi really code for artisinal production? It won't always taste the same.

                        My dinner guests liked both the Salumi and the Fra'Mani, but everyone preferred (of the two I sampled) the Salumi from Batali.

                        Dommy -- Call Cube first if your heart is set on something. They were out of about 5 things the day I went, all of which I wanted to try....

                        1. I agree that the "inconsistent quality" issue is a failure to recognize that no one piece of cured meat will taste the same as another. However, as a general rule, I find CSBH pretty credible.

                          Dommy, I love lardo but have experienced tremendous taste variations. I understand CSBH quite carrying because people got turned off after seeing that it was just plain pork fat (albeit delicious).

                          I will reserve judgment about Pere Batali salumi until I have had a chance to try it. Cube, here I come!

                          1. 1) CSBH is almost without a doubt the best cheese store in southern california. That said, they do sometimes seem reluctant to accept the "shrinkage" that is the natural consequence of dealing with a living, volatile product. Sometimes ammonia is passed off as character. You always need to smell first.

                            2) regarding batali's "artisanal" faults. the best artisanal producers in the world do not experience these. and, in fact, you won't find them in bertolli's salumi (at least not now that he's been producing them long enough that they're not being sold under-anged). i've tasted almost all of batali's products and they range from weird but good (mole salame,lamb prosciutto) to what i would call honorable failures--the lardo being the prime example. Lardo should be just salty enough, not overpoweringly so. (Though I have to say I do like their idea of calling it "white prosciutto).

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                              My one and only experience with Batali's products at BHCS: salty to the point of unedible. Tasting only, luckily I didn't buy, and didn't bother trying again. Never experienced same problem in Italy. Heard in the grapevine the pork lobbies in USA trying to keep good stuff away, who knows...

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                                that was my experience with the lardo. but other products are not quite so strong. still, he's like his boy--always pushing the limits and trying new things. if you prefer classic salumi, bertolli is the choice; if you're up for a surprise, try batali.

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                                There are absolutely vagaries when buying cheese -- it changes with time and environment. That said, I have never seen the CSBH hesitate to offer a sample. Therefore, I try everything before I buy it. That seems like a perfectly reasonable way to go about business -- the onus of responsibility for good taste lies with me, the consumer.

                              3. I feel that I have pushed the discussion a bit off-topic with my slight--it is slight--dissatisfaction with BHCS. So to explain super-briefly: I agree it is a great store and a vital resource. I find a little ironic what has been claimed as their reason to not carry Salumi Cured Meats products. My problem simply arose due to a specific "surly" employee. He seemed not to appreciate that I actually knew a lot about the cheeses and other products that I wanted to buy. I wanted a young, creamy Fourme d'Ambert, which is not really a blue cheese that gives itself to samples and tasting in the store. But you are right, I should have insisted. I wanted it to introduce some guests to the cheese. He immediately took out a cruddy old looking example. I insisted that it looked old and gone to ammonia indeed--he took out a new one and cut it so that I couldn't really see the result and when I got home...pure ammonia, not a single of my guests could eat it. I returned the next day and was served by one of the other excellent employees and lo and behold --- beautiful, young, creamy Fourme d'Ambert right there in the store!

                                Of course, one of the wonders of the store is that they had like 5 different versions of Fourme d'Ambert!

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                                  I generally have had a terrific experience at BHCS, but I do know it can be somewhat unpredictable because there are varying degrees of expertise with their sale staff. I have learned to become acquainted with those whom I trust and, as a result, have had terrific experiences. They respect my knowledge but are eager to offer me new products. I have never experienced hesitancy in offering me tastes. In fact, on a few occasions, the back kitchen was utilized to prepare merely a tasting.

                                2. possibly off-topic since i haven't been to CSBH yet -- but i visited armandino batali's salumi shop on my last trip to seattle (two years ago) and everything i sampled that day was very, very high quality. i can understand the "inconsistent" thing though; all artists have their off days.