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Oct 27, 2006 04:15 PM

Armandino Batali's Salumi

Does anyone know where to buy Armandino Batali's salumi? I know several restaurants serve them and you can purchase them online directly, but would love to be able to purchase them locally.

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  1. I've gotten it at the Cheese Shop of Beverly hills (AKA Dommy's personal crack house) and it's also available at Cube on La Brea and Melrose (Which I hope to explore soon!! :))


    1. Yes you can. I have been to the shop in Seattle a couple of times. The mole salami is amazing.

      Here is the link.

      1. Thanks, all. I forgot about CSBH and Cube is close by.

        1. I got some yesterday... of course, I was in Seattle for the day, so I was right there. They did not have their famous culatello, much to my disappointment. But Armandino said he would ship it to me if I gave him a call. Mail order seems like the best way to get all their products since they only seem to distribute a portion of their product line.

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            Thanks, Glutton. It's the lardo, culatello, guanciale and the products he sells only to the trade that I was particularly interested in. Glad to know I can just call and he'll send it.