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Oct 27, 2006 04:09 PM


Went to lunch at LUCQUES last Tue, the restaurant was half empty.
The little dish of Sauteed Almonds with Olives is always a hit.
The menu is very limited so we ordered the BLT(alway great!) and the Blue nose Seabass covered in Pistachios(very good!). Some of the better food in LA. We like it better than AOC.

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  1. How much is a BLT? I would love to try Lucques even for a simple meal, but fear of the $$$ prevents.

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      Here is their website, where all menus are available:

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        when my SO and i go to lucques, we bring our own bottle, split a glass of wine to start (they usually have a nice white burgundy btg) and each order an app, entree and dessert.

        this, with tip, usually comes to about $120-130, not that far off from other restaurants in LA. this is not spago or providence, price-wise, but still one of the best meals in LA.

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          Approx 15- but splitable. Lunch should be around 60- for two.

        2. I've heard the dessert isn't anything to rave about. My boyfriend and I are going there for a special occasion (for the 1st time) next weekend and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places nearby w/ stellar dessert. I've got a sweet tooth and would love to top off the night with something delicious and sweet. =)

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            The Grill on the Alley has very good Desserts.
            Hot Fudge Sundae, Bread Pudding, NY Cheesecake.

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              We recently went to dinner at Lucques and had the Sweet Potato Beignets with Caramel Sauce and Caramel Popcorn for dessert. Unbelievably delicious! The beignets were lightly crispy on the outside and very puffy, with smooth sweet potato inside. Dipping it in the caramel sauce was almost too wonderful.

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                when I went, the desserts were probably the best part of the meal. Very good.

                1. re: fooddude37

                  that's interesting, as I don't love their desserts.

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                  I don't think that desserts are really their strength, although a few things standout like like any of the light citrus dishes, especially the ones with middle eastern flavors.

                  If you haven't been and want to but are afraid of a big bill, grad a seat at the bar one night and order something a single entree and a glass of wine. All of the food and experience and a more manageable price tag. The late menu is also tasty.

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                    Sweet Lady Jane is on Melrose and Orlando, great desserts! Happy SO!

                  2. How does it rate against sona?

                    1. It is not terribly expensive for lunch; comparatively with other top restaurants in town, I don’t think it is that expensive period, given the quality of the cooking and service. Give the BLT a try, it is wonderful. They also serve a pork burger at lunch that is incredible.

                      1. Had the Sunday Supper last night. Endive and blood orange salad with mint buttermilk dressing to start, crispy duck confit as my entree (also fantastic), and very light banana beignets with vanilla ice cream for dessert.They also have an awesome vodka gimlet that has mint in it. I can't wait to go back on a night when that have the full menu.

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                          I went last weekend to their Sunday Supper and was totally disappointed. With the exception of the dessert (baked apples with some cream sauce), I thought the food was overcooked and chewy.