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Oct 27, 2006 04:01 PM

Jack-of-All-Trades Brewers

Which brewers/brewhouses do a great job across their "menu"? The ones that brew a variety of styles and have a good beer at most every style they put out? Include at least one for East Coast and one for West Coast if you can.


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  1. For east coast, I'd say Brooklyn Brewery. I've had their witbier, weissbier, stout, porter, lager, and abbey ale, and all were great.

    For west coast, my list is longer (only because I live here and know more of the brewers):

    Ballast Point - Pale ale, IPA, porter, witbier, ESB, barleywine
    Stone - Porter, stout, IPA, pale ale, amber, barleywine
    Alpine - wheat, IPA, stout, pale ale, lager, red, barleywine
    AleSmith - pale ale, IPA, stout, scottish ale, nut brown ale, belgian, barleywine

    Colorado isn't west or east coast, but it would be remiss to leave out Avery Brewing. Adam Avery makes awesome witbier, IPA, porter, stout, and abbey-style belgians.

    1. Goose Island
      Port of San Diego
      Upland of Indiana

      Those come to mind.

        1. West Coast I'd add North Coast in Ft. Bragg, Old Rasputin, Old #8 Stout, Scrimshaw Pilsner, Blue Star American Wheat, Pranqster, Old Stock and Red Seal are all solid. Their ACME line of Pale/IPA/Brown is also good.

          Russian River, I've never had a Vinnie Chilurzo beer that wasn't well above average.

          1. For top-of-the line microbrews widely available in the Chicago area, the following are my favorite "diverse" lines:

            Great Divide
            Three Floyds

            Those are 3 brewers that rock and then some. Rogue is pretty darn good too. North Coast is good. A little microbrewery in Kansas City has a limited but excellent line: Broadway Brewing.