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Oct 27, 2006 03:31 PM

Laguna Beach Newbie - HELP

my fiance and i are spending a weekend in march at the st regis and dont want to eat at their overpriced restaurants...can any hounds recco a down to earth place...good food...nothing FANCY...not foi gra - we are simple new yorkers who want italian and american choices and will pay for quality and a view.
also can any of you hounds help with recco for a beach to go to? we want secluded. thanks!
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  1. for more of a casual lunch i really love the zinc cafe. they have great salads, sandwiches and baked goods. i love their eggplant sandwich. their market is wonderful as well.

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      And they have one of the two best lemon squares that I've ever tasted! A MUST try if you like lemon squares!!!

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        my mouth is watering just thinking about those lemon squares. thanks for the reminder. they ARE delicious!

    2. Well, I am sure you will get quite a few responses. I'll suggest Brio. It is an Italian steakhouse 1 mile inland from the St. Regis. Very good food and usually, good music. Nice vibe. As far as secluded, yet great beaches, I highly reccomend either 1000 steps beach or Table Rock. Both are in South Laguna Beach and the two best beaches in all of orange county.

      1. thanks...zinc seems great for about a ROMANTIC dinner spot. not looking to be cheap...this is a special trip

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          Well, in South Laguna Beach are some interesting options - there is Eva's, which is a Caribean style restaurant, not at all formal or stuffy (in fact generally very friendly and casual style), but it's cozy and romantic, and the food is good too !

          Also there is a truly unique place, a real South Laguna institution, Diz's as Is -very cool place, and it could be called romantic (in fact, this review says it is so):

          And finally last but not least, consider Mozambique (located a few long blocks south of downntown but technically not South Laguna). This place is relatively new on the scene (and it is a scene, at least on weekend nights in their lounge :-), but it's very good indeed.

          Have Fun !

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            Romantic dinner spot? The restaurant Splash at Surf and Sand Hotel.
            Beach? Moss Cove.

          2. for something different i liked Brussels Bistro in downtown Laguna.

            the website isn't working, but here's an article


            1. In addition to all of the above, check out Boardwalk in Crystal Cove. Worth the wait to eat right on the beach. Food is ok to good, depending, but the setting is spectacular!

              Te Amo is very romantic & not too far from your hotel - I prefer sitting inside here.

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                Seconded (btw, it's called "The Beachcomber"). It's literally on the beach. And it's about as pretty a beach as you're going to find in SoCal. If you're looking for a secluded beach, you'll find others that are a little more secluded, but it's still fairly secluded. And, in March, unless it's a spectacular day, I'd guess that you'd be the only one's there.