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Oct 27, 2006 03:19 PM

Sadie Mae's on 6th in Park Slope closed?

I've looked all over the boards and the last posting about Sadie Mae's seems to be back in June...anyone know if this place has closed?? A few weeks ago they weirdly cut their hours down to weekends only (eh?), and then every time I've gone by recently they seemed to be shut tight but with no signs or anything announcing closure. I had a good experience there there one time I went, great garden space, very friendly staff, good comfort food and a lot of it. (The only downside was no liquor license for a cold one with my meal.) Sure, it wasn't spectacular, but it would be too bad if it left before it had much of a chance...

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  1. It was open on Friday night 3 weeks ago when I passed it on my way to Flatbush Farms bar for drinks. If it's closed it's partially because Bob Martinez & Deb Van D. refused to go there for dinner that night (after the drinks) as I recommended.

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        Odd. We're usually so docile after drinks.

    1. I passed by Wednesday night. It was dark and appeared to be at last half cleaned out. Unless they're closed Wednesdays.

      1. As of a month ago I saw a sign saying they were only open Friday through Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised if they are closed now. I think that is a doomed location.

        1. It is a doomed location! It was a cute little Yakitori place before Sadie Mae's that didn't last much longer in spite of decent food and great service, plus the outdoor space. I think it's tough because 6th Ave. is so residential. No one just stumbles upon whatever is located there. I live on 6th Ave. right near there, so I pass by, but it's just not going to get the same volume of people as 5th or 7th, so the food will have to be remarkable to get people in.