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Oct 27, 2006 02:46 PM

Hamburgers vs Pub Burgers

Who knows where the best burger can be obtained?

I'm not usually the guy to say something in Lake County is far superior to anything in the city, except when it comes to burgers.

For example: Charlie Beinlich's, Micky Finns, Morgans, Crossroads are just few of the many notable Lake County Pub burgers.

I'm not looking for little castle burgers or squished flat juice-less and greasy diner burgers, I want a 1/3 lb or better of 100% pure beef, no fillers, char exterior on a homemade bun. Kind of the way Hackney's or Barnaby's does it.

So, needless to say, no chain crap like Fudruckers etc. But I am really looking for something Downtown...

OK, now discuss amongst yourselves! I'll just be taking notes.

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  1. I hear that Ditka's and Harry Carry's have great burgers.

    1. Miller's Pub and Exchequer both do excellent unsung 1/3 lb burgers: both on Wabash near-ish Jackson.

      1. Pepper Canister - Irish Pub. Around 500 N Wells. I order "The Unrepentant Sinner." Blue Cheese, Green Olives, BBQ Sauce, and Bacon. You might not think it, but its delicious. Great fries and excellent beer on tap.

        1. I haven't found a burger in the city that compares to Hackney's on a dark rye bun. I'm just sad that I live so far away now. No more Hackney's.

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          1. re: sunnyday1375

            There's one downtown if you work down there.

          2. Hackney's opened in Printer's Row a few years back....733 S Dearborn.

            That being said, I love the burgers at P.J. Clarkes (River East and Gold Coast locations).

            Any of the Blackie's locations are also good.

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            1. re: NDJ

              Make sure you specify BOSTON Blackie's. The Blackie's down in Printer's Row is not part of Boston Blackie's, and is far inferior in both food and service to Boston Blackie's. Had lunch there a few weeks ago, and was sorely disappointed. And we LOVE Boston Blackie's.