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Regina's Medford Station Landing

I saw that a Regina's Pizza just opened across from Kappy's in Medford -- at the new Station Landing complex. Anyone have a review to share? I'm particularly interested in the pizza (of course!) and the atmosphere.

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  1. I know this isn't fair since I haven't been to this particular location, but every Regina's outside the original is pretty sad. That old oven on Thatcher is worth its weight in gold.

    1. In my experience, the quality of the pizza at the Regina outposts (including the now defunct Brookline location) is OK, however it never approaches that of the original NE location.

      1. As often reported, the fact that they rarely clean the old oven at the North End location actually imparts more flavor into the pizzas there. My guess is, the one in Medford will be decent, but not even close to the quality of the one in the North End (unless they got their hands on a 100-year-old oven at a yard sale or something!).

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          actually, they clean the oven once a year- on easter sunday.

        2. Since we're all in the business of conjecture here so far, allow me to say that a fresh slice or pie from the Regina at the Burlington Mall may not approach the quality of the original, but it's still head & shoulders better than any other suburban pizza joint. Living in Medford, I'll report back after I try the one at Station Landing.


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            Went last night. Pizza's excellent. Fresh, hot, tasty, crispy crust and all. Pretty significant menu to boot. For me, if I'm not going into the North End, this will be my new regular pizza joint.


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              That's exciting! Did you have to order it well done or did it come browned that way? And what's the seating area like? I suppose it's asking too much but do they have a bar you can sit at while you wait for your pie to be done?

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                I did order it well done. The dining room is huge, though also divided into enough sections by walls and half-walls that I didn't get to really see the whole thing. And not only is there a bar, but when we sat down at it while waiting for our table, we decided there was enough room to just eat at the bar, and did.

                We also had a pretty good fried calamari appetizer, a couple of beers on tap, and brought home leftover pizza that reheated quite nicely for lunch today.


            2. Any Regina's outside of Thatcher St. will be very good... but not like the original, as many stated. It's a different pie... thinner crust, a bit different texture.

              Also, the key is to order a whole pie at these "outposts", even though they also offer slices. The problem with the slices is they almost always are pies that are made and then slices are heated up. I HATE THAT. Too often pizza joints do this. A slice that's heated up is never as good.

              Just as you do at the original on Thatcher, order a pie (cant order slices at the original). It's very good/excellent, not GREAT as in N End... and better than anything else you'll probably find.

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                  til about 2 or 3...whenever they run out.

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                    They'd run out before 1 last Thursday.

              1. i used to work around the corner from regina's in the n. end. it needs to be noted that there is one comically nasty waitress who works there during the day. a truely mean-spirited and put upon creature. almost funny, in a bossy, old-boston, sort of way.

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                  Sounds like the female version of the waiters at Santarp's! Although once you get to know the waiters up there, they are actually pretty good guys for the most part.

                2. I checked it out for a late lunch yesterday. I'm so happy. Is it the same as North End Regina's? No! But is it a very good pizza, if ordered well done. YES! The other patron at the bar didn't order his well done and it looked a little blonde for my tastes ... but he scarfed the whole thing up so what do I know? I sat at the huge bar and had a glass of chianti (their house chianti is decent, Piccini, and only $5 a glass). The dining area is huge, nothing like the original, and they do quite a takeout business -- people streaming in and out the whole time I was there. I'll always trek to the NE for the real deal, and to meet downtown friends, but it's great to have this new outpost so conveniently close to me.

                  Funny, I've been meaning to try the Paddock for over a year, but I was at the Regina's less than a week after they opened. Go figure.

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                    Same here about the Paddock - we live nearby and want to check it out, but I think the lack of visible windows and the big horse head scares the bejeezus out of us. Will check out the new Regina, though.

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                      I'll go with you some time.... we can support each other! I think gini has your email address, I'll follow up with you offboard.

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                        After driving by the Paddock for 5 years I did finally go in a few months ago (to order and take home a pizza) it actually has a somewhat homey atmosphere and nice big tv's if you want to watch a game.
                        The waitress who took care of our takeout order was very sweet.
                        The pizza was delicious and I'd definitely go back.

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                          That settles it -- I shouldn't be such a chicken. It always seems like a throwback kind of place, like Frank's on Mass Ave. And I mean that in a GOOD way.

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                            Hmmm...I think a chowdown/beer fest is in order!

                            1. re: yumyum

                              Yes, just that. Real neighborhoody. Sometimes go there during Open Studios, but haven't tried the pizza yet (yes, it's on the list, sigh).

                              1. re: Aromatherapy

                                OK -- keep your eyes open. I'm going to put out an APB to the hounds and anyone who's interested can show up and join us to FINALLY try the pie. It feels good to check things off the list!

                                1. re: yumyum

                                  Sounds good! I need to try those onion rings I've been hearing such good things about!

                            1. re: Rubee

                              It's just your kind of place!

                              I'm not afraid. I'll go anywhere for good pizza. Well, pretty much anywhere.

                      2. Marc (of hiddenboston fame) turned me on to The Paddock about two years ago. Superior bar pie, and fantastic onion rings.

                        Oh, and beer. Sweet, sweet beer.

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                        1. re: Bostonbob3

                          Wait, did someone say beer? Count me in.

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                            As its an old school place, don't forget to try some appetizers. They do a nice clams casino with briny littlenecks, not overdone. Plus their tips are good, decent baked stuffed shrimp, etc. I like their pizza, but we often end up getting other offerings.

                            They have booths in the bar, so that is where we usually sit.

                          2. OK -- calling all hounds. The fearless will be assembling on Tuesday, Nov 21 at 6:30 p.m. for beer and pizza and onion rings and tips and and and .... no need to RSVP, just come along.

                            Two days before thanksgiving ... the beer will steel you for time with the family.

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                              Oh, boy. This may be too good to pass up. I might traveling through New York that week, but if not, there could be a pepperoni pizza with my name on it that night!

                            2. Excellent. If you remember, put up a post a day or two ahead of time.

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                                That's the plan. Just wanted to put this out while the topic was hot.

                              2. Went today to Regina Medford for lunch around 2:30pm. Walked right in and got two seats at the bar - the stools have seat backs and it's pretty roomy and comfy. Joe the bartender was a pleasant young guy, a "Medford lifer," as he described himself. There were two NFL games on (no audio, so it's not obtrusive) - we were pretty happy right away. Ordered a portobella mushroom salad, a well-done 10" pomodoro formaggio, 20 oz Sam Admas (no microbrews on tap, but they have Peroni and Moretti) and a house chianti. Salad was fine, nothing special. The pizza was terrific - the ricotta cheese really made that pizza for me. Not overpowered by any one ingredient - all the flavors melded nicely, crust was crisp and bubbly (I could have had it even a little more cooked). A little more corporate-Polcari's-surburban-eatery feel to the place than I would like, but hell, with easy parking, huge dining room, and easy-going bar, we will most definitely be back. Looks like we have a new weekday night dinner place.

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                                  I had a pizza craving tonight and ended up at the Medford outpost of the Regina chain. DC and I both ordered pies from the gourmet section of the menu which included ricotta, among other cheeses. I am a cheese-a-holic, but they must have put about a pound of ricotta on both of these pizzas. It made the crust pretty soggy and by the end, the texture was so creamy that I felt like I was eating some sort of pizza/cannoli hybrid. Plus, they kept trying to get us to do a "wine flight" featuring 3 wines that would sell for about $6 a bottle at Kappy's. All together, not a great experience when one just wants some good pizza. I think we'll stick to Thatcher Street original in the future.

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                                    I usually order just one topping on my pizza at Regina Pizza in Medford. My favorite pizza is a link sausage pizza cooked well done. If you order your pizza cooked well done then the crust should not become soggy. A crispy crust will stand up better to the ricotta and cheese toppings. I also think that a well done pizza tastes better in my opinion.

                                    1. re: buffet king

                                      Best way to order a Regina pizza is Well Done, Not Burnt. I love the Medford location and usually bring out of town guests there for the great pizza.

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                                        I picked up a well-done pie at Polcari's in Woburn last week and it was, indeed, terrific. None of the experience of Thatcher St. but a really good pizza, better than I could get closer to home.

                                        I had same experience in Medford Landing right after they opened. Even tried some other menu items that were non-pizza - completely meh. Not a restaurant a want to frequent but certainly a place to get a great pizza.