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Oct 27, 2006 02:18 PM

Downtown Minn recs?

5 colleagues and I are looking for a chowish place near (or within easy and reasonable cab fare) of the Hyatt downtown. I'm particularly interested in a place that is conducive to good conversation but perhaps not quite a expensive/upscale as 112 Eatery (though I plan to try it myself!) Any suggestions welcome - and comments on the following places: Ike's, Solera, Nye's, any of the places on "Eat Street" (can we walk there btw? Or should we cab it?)

Thanks so much!!

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  1. There has been quite a bit of identical discussion lately. Here's a thread to get you started:


    Eat Street is a longish walk through a section of road that feels seedy.

    112 Eatery is not "upscale/expensive". While they do have $25 entrees, they have dozens of spectacular $10-15 items. Atmosphere is business casual -- take a look at their website: www.112eatery.com That said, getting a group of 6 in there is a challenge as most seating is smaller tables/booths and it's hard to get a reservation there.

    Unless you narrow your guidance (Nye's, Ike's, Solera and Eat Street places are all over the spectrum, including price spectrum), you'll probably get a list of 30 places which are all fine. If you want ethnic, cab over to Quang or Azia on Nicollet (Eat Street). If you want burgers and cocktails, Ike's is you place. If you want polka music, extremely quirky festive bar atmosphere and eastern European food, Nye's is fine but either a long walk or a very, very short cab ride. (BTW, Hyatt probably has a shuttle don't they?) Solera is good tapas but bleeds into your "expensive/upscale" territory. Personally, I wouldn't avoid any of those places although I'm not planning a trip back to Solera any time soon. There are way too many "small plates" alternatives or places where I would piece together several appetizers that I find way more interesting, fun and with better food.

    You could also stay in the Hyatt and share a seafood tower, oysters and drinks at Oceanaire. But then you're getting expensive again.

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      I came back and LOVED 112 Eatery. I would go back and recommend it to anyone. Thank SO much! I even took a friend who moved over a year ago to St. Paul and hadn't tried it and we both thought it was delsih and a good atmosphere and variety of clientele. Perfect after ditching my convention to go to the Walker. Thanks!