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Oct 27, 2006 02:17 PM

where to buy demi glace downtown?

Loblaws used to carry veal stock and others by soup's on (I think that was the name)- but I was there this morning and they don't carry it anymore.

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  1. I've seen demi-glace at Whole Foods - REALLY expensive! Are you actually looking for demi-glace, though, or veal STOCK? There is a big difference - demi-glace is reduced until it's quite thick, and is used in small amounts in sauce-making.

    The Loblaws I go to, on St. Clair just east of Bathurst, has the frozen stocks you're talking about. I saw them the other day, in the freezer by the deli counter.

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    1. re: FlavoursGal

      Looking for Demi glaze so I can make a different sauce with Marsala

    2. Cumbrae's on Church sells it, not cheap, but it's of a very high quality.

      1. Cumbrae's and Nunzio's on Bayview both sell it.

        Nunzio's isn't too expensive and doesn't taste bad, but it is thickened with a starch and doesn't provide the richness that I would expect demi glaze to add to food.

        I haven't tried Cumbrae's version, but I'd guess it would be better.

        I you put a bunch of chicken bones (raw and/or cooked) into water and cook them gently for a few hours, until you have a near syrup, you'll get a decent version that you can season as you want.

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        1. re: embee

          Cumbrae's version is really good and worth the price (if any store bought demi is going to considered worth the price). Not too much tomato (my complaint about Whitehouse's).

          I haven't heard of demi from Chicken bones. I think you'd want to start with veal bones (at least I do).

          1. re: Atahualpa

            I bought some form Whitehouse yesterday, and that was my feeling as well, too much tomato.

            1. re: knuckles

              do you have suggestions for use of my veal demi glace?

              1. re: roynikki

                If you have questions about how to make or use demi glace, post them on the home cooking board. Lots of great cooks happy to give you tips there.

            2. re: Atahualpa

              You are right about the veal bones, but (for most people) that means getting out and buying veal bones and roasting them. The demi you'll get from doing this will be better than the chicken bone version.

              However, I was surprised to learn, by accident (actually, as a result of leaving a pot of stock simmering for too long), that a bunch of rotisserie chicken carcasses from the supermarket can produce a nice gelatinous demi, essentially for free and with little effort. I threw in my thanksgiving turkey and got a similar result. The veal stock has a cleaner flavour - chicken tastes very strong by comparison. But this makes a better demi than the ones sold by Nunzios or Whitehouse.

          2. Try Williams Sonoma i saw some there one day, or try any good local butcher shop they should carry. Most of the butchers i have gone to carry various stocks in the freezer.