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Oct 27, 2006 02:16 PM

Need help with subway directions to Roberto's in the Bronx

Someone had once posted how to get to Roberto's via subway but I can't find the post. I am going this weekend out of Grand Central and would appreciate any help. I did not know whether to post this in Outer Buroughs but since I am leaving from Manhattan, I figured I would start here. Thank you.

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  1. Here's a great site that gives NYC subway directions:

    1. Since you're already in Grand Central Station, your best bet is to hop on the Metro North Harlem line and get off at the Fordham Station. Just 17 minutes GCT to Fordham and much closer than any subway stop.

      (Note for the future, it would be more appropriate to ask this on the OB board)

      1. There is no easy way to get to Roberto's by public transit, but from GCT you can take a #5 train to E180 St, change to a #2 train and go two stops to Pelham Pkwy. There you take either a Bx12 or a Bx22 bus west through the park and get off on the other side at Belmont or Arthur Avenue. Then you walk south until you think you must be lost and you will find Crescent Ave. Get a Bronx Bus Map at GCT or risk being hopelessly confused.

        If you see a taxi or car service at Pelham Pkwy take it and avoid the problems.

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          Alternately, you can take the B/D or 4 trains to Fordham Road, then take the (local, not express) Bx 12 bus east to Arthur Ave. It's the second stop after the big bus terminal. The bus stop is a bit subtle, and not a big intersection--bring a map, or watch closely for it.

        2. Take Metro North to Fordham Rd. Very quick ride, and the station is closer to the restaurant than the subway stop. This way is much faster than the subway.

          1. Metro North is definitely quickest. But if you want to stick with the subway, take an Eastchester-bound 5 train to Pelham Parkway. If you can exit on the north side (it's sometimes closed on weekends), do that and get a Bx12 bus (it stops on the inner part of the parkway) headed toward Inwood/207 St. The bus comes quite frequently. It's a little bit of a walk (4 blocks?) south after you get off around Arthur Ave. I'd allot around 1 hour or so for this jaunt. Happy trails!