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Oct 27, 2006 02:07 PM

Your All-Time Favorite Place To Eat???.....

Any time, Anywhere, Any style for whatever reason/s....even if the place has long since been gone. What is that one place where you could eat day in and day out without ever getting sick of it? Mine is-
NIRVANA(NYC)-When I used to go there they had THE best chicken vindaloo I had ever tasted.So hot that a waiter used to stand next to my table just to refill my glass every 5 min.!!!!

Oh and a special mention to Papaya King's, you cant beat the original.

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  1. Restaurant Le St-Amable in Old Montreal. We went there for special occasions when I was a kid (around 35 years ago). Everything was incedible - the elegant French service, the food, the atmosphere...

    The Caesar salad was made from scratch, tableside; dishes were flambed, and sauces finished, at the table. I can still taste the Seafood en Feuillete, blanketed in a heavenly seafood cream sauce; the Escargots Provencales, and the dunking of the bread in the garlic butter sauce to savour every last drop; the Veal in Mushroom Cream Sauce; the sweet Scampi done to perfection. And the desserts...

    Alas, Le St-Amable is still there, in the same location. But the food and service no longer wow.

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      Yeah, I sent a friend there a few years ago, told her not to go to Montreal in August but she called looking for somewhere in Old Montreal to eat that was real Old Montreal. The food and service was so bad they protested it on their credit card bill.

      1. re: Candy

        Just curious - why not go to Montreal in August? Granted, it's is often hot and humid, but it's still beautiful.

        1. re: FlavoursGal

          Because so many people are on vacation at that time. Many of the best chefs etc. are away.

          We treated ourselves to a weekend there after having a week of too much famiily in Vt. and NY state. We had reservations at Chateau Champlain. It was the lst weekend in July and it was quite hot and humid. It was Sunday and we wlaked down to Chinatown for dinner and back. We were sweaty and sticky and decided to strip to our underwear, open the draperies, it was dark adn we were on a very high floor, OMG! What we did not know was that night was the finale of the International Fireworks Competition out at the old World's Fair Grounds and we had a fantastic view. In many cases we were up higher than the fireworks and the colors! Unbelievable. We had almost complained and had our room changed since we had asked for a non-smoking room but decided it was not so smoky and we could live with it. We'll not get a treat like that again.

          I miss Montreal all of the time. We used to live an hour's drive away so it was our "city" now we have Indianapolis and of course there is no comparison.

          1. re: Candy

            I know all about missing Montreal. I was born and raised there, and moved to Toronto 10 years ago. We still have some family there, and now my daughter is attending McGill (alma mater of my husband and me), so we have great reasons to visit.

            1. re: FlavoursGal

              My DH is a Plattsburgh native. I got there about high school and my folks being foodies had us up in Montreal all of the time. Now it seems like I get to London more often and when we go to P-burgh if we want a day in Montreal we have to kind of sneak it in, pretend to leave a day or two before we really leave. Otherwise we have to work with someone else's agenda and pace.

              There was a great souvlaki place almost across the street from the St. Viateur Bagel Bakery. I wonder if it is still there. The St. Viateur was one of our favorite bagel places especaially on a cold snowy day when you could get those hot woodsmoke flavored bagels fresh out of the oven and the aroma would fill the car and you would feel instantly warm and toasty.

              1. re: Candy

                Ah, Montreal food...

                The place across the street from St-Viateur Bagel is Arahova Souvlaki. If memory serves me correctly, this was the first souvlaki restaurant in Montreal. It's still supposed to be great.

                Saturday night at the bagel factory is still a happening in Montreal. Where else in the world do people line up for bagels at 3 a.m.? St-Viateur, Fairmont Bagel, and R.E.A.L. Bagel (in suburban locations; the acronym is because of the French language laws) are all open 24/7.

                1. re: FlavoursGal

                  I have never had souvlaki like it since or gyros that could compare. It was the best. Maybe next time?????????

          2. re: FlavoursGal

            Who wants a ten-course meal of foie gras when it's hot and humid?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Can't say I've ever had a 10-course meal of foie gras. But, hey - offer it to me on a humid, hot day in Montreal, and I'm game.

      2. Ooooh, I remember Nirvana. Wonderful food and service, and the best view in the world, overlooking Central Park. How I miss it.

        But my long time favorite is a little Vietnamese joint in Queens called Pho. I swear they must put illegal substances in the spring rolls, they are that addictive.

        1. Cul de Sac #2 in Rome. Not the wine bar that's still in business, the restaurant that started off Piazza di Spagna (Via delle Vitte?), after a few years moved to Trastevere, and then closed.

            1. re: xica14

              I'm with you on Brigtsen's! I love everything about it. Unfortunately we only go once a year when we visit during jazzfest (from SF).

              1. re: xica14

                I went to New Orleans with my mom about a year and a half ago, and Brigtsen's was our favorite of many meals. I still remember the spinach salad with oysters and bacon that I had. Man, that was incredible.

              2. Russ & Daughters on the LES of Manhattan.

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