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Oct 27, 2006 02:06 PM

Restaurants around Hawkes Bay/Napier

Considering spending 10 days in Napier in early February 2007 (and then traveling the North and South Island for a total of one month in NZ)

Want a base for the first 10 days to relax after a month of intensive travel in SE Asia and Napier looks nice - any comments about the area in general and restaurants in particular?

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  1. Hi there,

    The Hawkes Bay / Napier area has fantastic food, and wine. Napier was destroyed by an earhtquake in the 50's so the architecture is art deco. Go to for a comprehensive listing or restaurants. Also visit, which is NZ's world renowned food mag. My advice is too visit as many vineyards as you can and enjoy some food and wine matching along the way. Some of the wines are spectacular.

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      1. If it still exists - Rush Munroe's ice cream on Heretaunga Street in Hastings (south of Napier). Premium ice cream since 1926!

        1. Elizabeth, you have chosen a wonderful place to visit in NZ and if my bias shows thru' forgive me!! I spent 13 lovely warm years in Napier tending my own restaurant. :)
          February is a great month to visit if you still have a hankering for some hot sun on your face, but normally with seabreezes to slightly cool you.

          There are a myriad of vineyards you could visit, most with cafe/restaurant attached. My favourites are Craggy Range with Terroir restaurant, Te Awa Winery with a gorgeous cafe and exquisite food, Brookfields Vineyard also has an amazing cafe.
          Mission Estate is close to the city and has lovely evening dining.

          Go see the gannet colony at Cape Kidnappers, play a gentle round of golf on some beautiful courses, visit Waimarama and Ocean Beach for an expanse of deserted ( well nearly ) sand you wont believe!
          If you are not shy, con one of the locals to take you out to get a crayfish ( lobster) or two for your dinner.

          The Art Deco architecture is astounding and you can hire a guide to walk you thru' the city. Dont miss the Rothmans building, just exquisite. And while you are the vicinity, there are many wonderful restaurants to have lunch or dinner right nearby on the wharf. Sit and watch the fishing boats come in.

          If you can, check out Bed and Breakfasts to stay at, you will love our people.

          I wanna come with you!! lolol

          Have a great time!


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            I can offer a lot of support for Terroir at the Craggy Range winery. The view and the property outdo anything in Napa/Sonoma (hey, I live in Napa). The food is superb. And, it's a designer's heaven -- rustic minimalism in NZ. Here's to Craggy Range!

          2. I second the recommendation of Te Awa winery restaurant. We also enjoyed dinner at Vidal. Don't miss lunch outdoors at Clearview winery. It's right on the Cape and the views are magnificent.