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Oct 27, 2006 02:00 PM

Phenomenal Kosher Pizza? Does it Exist?

Is there any kosher pizza in New York that matches the quality of the great non-kosher pizza, on par with Patsy's, Pintailes and Lombardis? (I guess this is a question for those who have the non-kosher pizza as well.)

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  1. No. The kosher cheeses have a different fat content, and the sauces, well, let's just say they are not geared toward a sophisticated consumer (ie filled with sugar and/or bland).

    1. I have yet to find it in my 30 years since my last non-kosher slice. don't know about Patsy's, Pintailes and Lombardis. I grew up in Brooklyn where we had some pretty mean Italian pizzerias (pizza made with real olive oil poured out of a copper can).

      I just wonder if the non-kosher pizza still tastes like it did 30 years ago. nothing probably tastes like it used to

        1. From the "Go Figure" files: Here in Los Angeles, an expatriate New York Chowhound mistook Eddie's kosher NY pizza for the authentic (i.e., traif) NY thing – and RAVED about it! Check out the following Chowhound discussion:

          1. "The kosher cheeses have a different fat content"

            Nonsense. There are lots of reasons that kosher pizza isn't as good as treyf, but that's not one of them, imo.