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Oct 27, 2006 01:56 PM

Pops going in the Perdix space

I saw the signs for Pops in the former Perdix space, but have not heard anything about it--anyone have any info? The signs just say that they are currently hiring for all positions.

Also, any updates on Mela? When's that supposed to open?

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  1. Felino Samson is the chef/owner.

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    1. re: mao

      The former Bomboa chef? Or am I confused (more so than usual)?

    2. Here's what I've heard:

      Chef/owner, doing his first place of his own, Felino Samson. Most recently the chef at Bomboa. I remember him as a Rene Michelina lieutenant at La Bettola, and he did a stint at Galleria Italiana, not sure if that was before or after Barbara Lynch left to open No. 9 Park.

      Concept is modest New American with a range of accents from other world cuisines. Target is $20 cap on entrees. Of course, they all say that when they're in the planning stages of South End restaurants. Let's see how long that lasts.

      Lunch and dinner; beer, wine, and maybe cordials; a handful of patio seats on Tremont. Apparently a major redo in terms of layout and decor, though obviously that kitchen would be tough to move. Shooting (improbably, as always) for a December opening.

      I can't decide if that name is cute or really terrible.

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        I say really terrible, unless it's a diner.

      2. Terrible, unless it's the first half of a fried chicken place.

        Sounds like it will be popular with the 128 crowd.

        1. With a name like that, maybe they'll serve weasel as a speciality.

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          1. Boy, what a bunch of beotches we are. But still "Pops" !?