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Oct 27, 2006 01:51 PM

avoiding the Friday night restaurant scene

My BF wants to avoid the Friday night dining scene... I am in not in the mood for ordering pizza and staying in. Any suggestions for a compromise? Preferably in the Back Bay, South End, Fenway, Beacon Hill, North End areas...

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  1. You could try Scollay Square - It's a little pricey perhaps, in comparison to pizza, but I don't think it will be too crowded and has decent food.

    You could also go to Emmett's across the street for decent pub fare.

    I would also strongly advise you to consider some of the dining spots in Kendall Square...the north side of the river is never QUITE a scene as mainland Boston.

    1. why not go early to Eastern Standard?

      1. One place that is not usually crowded, but is very good, is House of Siam on Columbus Avenue in the South End. They have a variety of great Thai dishes, and it's just far enough away from Clarendon and Dartmouth (and a couple of blocks in from Mass. Ave.) to keep from getting huge crowds.

        You could also try Mother Anna's on Hanover Street in the North End. If you hit it right, you might be able to get a table right away, as it is the first restaurant on Hanover Street (by the Big Dig area), where the crowds aren't quite as crazy. They have old-fashioned Southern Italian dishes that are really good (try the chicken creation!).

        1. Go to LaGalleria 33 on Salem St. in the North End. They've only been open a few months and haven't quite been discovered yet. Comfortable atmosphere, open kitchen, great food. Menu runs from $16 pastas to a $35 veal chop. I sent some friends there this week and they had the special of lobster, scallops and shrimp on pasta with a light cream sauce and they said it was so delicious they wanted to lick the plate!!!

          1. Sorriso on South St. might be a nice option. The bar shouldn't be too nuts and you can get great pizza. I'm a big fan of the place... Been 1/2 dozen times in the past few months and haven't had a bad meal or experience.