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Oct 27, 2006 01:28 PM

Seeking dinner place (with specifications) in 80s/90s/ UWS

Hi I am trying to find a cute dinner place on the upper west side, 80s/90s preferably, for tonight. My dining companion is allergic to nuts and pretty much only eats meat and pasta (no poultry/fish).

I will most likely go for a (substantial!) salad.

Any recs? Thank you.

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  1. I'd go with Celeste or Gennaro. However, I don't know if either has a big enough salad for you. The only place that comes to mind that has entree salads and is "cute" is Popover. They would have meat entrees for your friend. However, it's certainly not a culinary mecca, but should fit your bill.

    1. Pizzabolla on 92th and Amsterdam is one of our local faves. Red checkered table cloths, friendly, warm service... Great prices and in our opionion, terrific pastas, pizzas, salads, sandwiches in pizza dough and mains... My husband loves their lasagna, lotsa meat and good stuff! YUM! I tend to go for their eggplant or their carbonara (which I do not see on their menupages menu). The wine list is small but very affordable and good Italian reds and whites.

      BTW: They have made items off the menu for my 7 years old niece. If they can, they will make it for you.

      They have a variety of wonderful salads, any which one could be considered a main, size wise and ingredient wise (they can also add chicken)... I love the veggie antipasto but there are plenty of others to choose from and their bread basket is excellent with great pizza bread.

      If you do a search, you can find some more reports of this place (from me) and also some additional options in this area.

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        Don't be scared off by the checkered tablecloths - the food here is actually fantastic, pasta is cooked perfectly, and the salads are a decent entree size (from what I could tell - a nearby table had one, but I didn't order any). I had the calamari appetizer (delicious) and a seafood pasta special when I went, and it was a really great meal...good service, too.

        1. re: theannerska

          Just curious, why would someone be scared off by the checkered tablecloths? They say to me... warm, friendly, old style red sauce Italian run by a family. At least to me it does :-)

          1. re: Michele4466

            I think because it brings to mind all the places that are Italian-esque vs. authentic Italian - kind of like dining in Little Italy, Olive Garden, etc. - which is NOT the case with Pizzabolla! I tried this place after seeing a rec for it a long time ago on the board (maybe it was from you, haha).

            I remember vaguely seeing another Italian place in the same neighborhood that's supposed to be great as well - forget the name though. Gennaro, maybe?

            1. re: theannerska

              Yes, it probably was me! LOL So glad you like it as much as we do.

              As for the tablecloths, I see your point.

              And yes, Gennaro is another great option as well as Celeste. I also like Acqua for a little quieter, less family type place. Warm lighting and very good food, IMO. If you do a search, you can see some more detailed posts of mine on this place as well.

      2. Pampa has lots of steak.

        1. I'd throw in Nice Matin on 79th. Nice atmosphere, pretty varied French bistro menu and nice entree salads. Good meat options for your friend.

          Second the recommendation on Genarro (this would probably be my first choice).

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          1. re: PickyMBA

            I third Nice Matin but as for Gennaro...while the food is very good and we do like it there, the place is very cramped, kinda loud and you are rushed through your meal. It also needs to mentioned that it is cash only.