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Oct 27, 2006 12:59 PM

Providence near 95 lunch

Does anyone know a good lunch spot in Providence, easy to get to from I95 N and S....meeting someone coming down from Boston. Any type of food, just good, casual and ok for kids.

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  1. Given those parameters (easy to get to and kid friendly) you might try Chelo's. It is a family style place, a RI chain, a bit like Applebee's. From 95 north 25B (Smithfield Ave.) At end of exit ramp go right. Chelos is about a tenth of a mile down on the left. From 95 South take exit 25, and follow same directions as above.

    1. I second the recommendation from hound Jenkins but please, wipe the thought of Applebee's from your mind. Chelo's (AKA the Beef Hearth) is beloved in RI, for good reason. Get the steak sandwich. It's not like a cheesesteak sub; it's a real steak on a crusty roll. Save room for dessert too.

      1. I would get off 95 @ the downtown exit and head up Atwells Ave to Federal Hill where there are a lot of Italian restaurants. For a family I would recommend Angelo's.

        Atwells Ave is right off 95. Good food, low prices.

        1. I would highly HIGHLY suggest Angelo's over Chelo's.

          1. If food is more important, or even as important, as ease of 95, parking, etc., then sure do Angelo's.

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            1. re: Jenkins

              Jenkins: Don't give in so fast! While I have long been an Angelo's fan, there have been several postings on this and other boards to the effect that it ain't what it used to be. The parking situation on the Hill is also quite dicey.

              1. re: Bob W

                Come to think of it I have never actually even been to Angelo's, but live about 2 blocks from Chelo's, so I suppose I should stick up for my hood a bit more!