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Oct 27, 2006 12:47 PM

Cinnamon Club in Port Washington

Saw an ad today in Newsday. Anybody been?

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  1. I've been curious about it too & would love to hear feedback from anyone who has been there.

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      I just ate there last night, after being curious about it myself. I used to Looooooove Looooooooooove Loooooooooove Diwan (same owner) and was miserable when it closed there a few years ago. I am happy to report that they are back....and better than ever! I liked the menu alot, and the new decor was very chic, mostly black and white (think Mr. Chow). There are a number of the original Indian dishes still there (though the names are often different, or modernized), but they've added a variety of other Asian dishes too (Moroccan, Pakistani, Chinese, etc.- there were others too, I just can't remember off hand). My husband and I ordered the Indian dishes, but our friends, who are not Indian food fans, opted for the non-Indian / non-spicy dishes: Grilled shrimp, Chicken served over spinach/potatoes/chopped fig and cranberry and the surf and turf (lobster and steak combo which was a huge steal ($24.95) ). We all loved our food. We thought that the wait staff was pretty good. The only critisism was that they didn't come by to ask us if we wanted another round of drinks so we had to chase after them to order. Not terrible, considering they just opened. One other thing worth pointing out is that they need to fix their menu to identify which dishes are NOT spicy, because most of them (but not all) are. All in all though, it was a great night and we will definitely go back again. I highly recommend it! (By the way...they were surprisingly busy. I say surprisingly since they just opened).
      p.s. I had a hard time finding their number (not yet listed), so here it is: 516-767-7878.

    2. DanaS, thanks so much for posting your review & sharing your experience there. We love Indian food & usually head into the city for it. Now we'll give Cinnamon Club a try. :-)

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        You're very welcome! Since you like Indian food so much, you should also try Jewel of India in Syosset. It is very good...but more of a traditional Indian restaurant. Have you been?
        However- Our new favorite is the Cinnamon Club. They have all of our favorites and it's more convenient for us (and we can now go there with friends who don't like Indian food and they can order a different type of cuisine). At C.C.,we were with a group of people so got to try a variety of different dishes. We ordered the Rack of Lamb and the Chicken Malai Kebab and they were superb. We also ordered the nan, raita, Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer (Chinese?), calamari (appetizer), and fresh garden salads which were fantastic. As stated in my previous post...Our friends ordered the Grilled Shrimp Skewers (not spicy), Surf n Turf (not spicy), and a Chicken dish (not spicy, served on the bone over mashed potatoes and spinach with chopped up dried figs and cranberries if I recall correctly, which I think may have been a Moroccan dish but can't remember for absolute certain) and our other friends ordered the Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka, which they said were excellent. We also ordered an appetizer that was described as melt in your mouth seasoned beef patties (or something along those lines). It was not an Indian dish but now I am drawing a blank as to which region it was from. However, we did like it quite a bit.
        Their basmati rice is great too, but served a la carte. We were so full afterwards that we didn't make it to dessert so can't comment on that! My only other suggestion really is that they should offer more non-Indian (non-spicy) choices because there were maybe 6-8 on the entire menu, while they had like 30 spicy dishes in comparison. My guess is that this will change with their next menu or specials that they run. But who knows. I would have also liked to have seen more of a variety of dishes from other Asian regions if this is truly meant to be an Asian-fusion restaurant (which I think was their intention???). There were probably 10 total.
        Do you like Colbeh Restaurant? We like that too....but it is a Persian restaurant. It is not spicy, but very tasty. They have locations in Roslyn Heights and Great Neck (also in Queens and Manhattan). If you haven't tried it yet, it is worth it, IMO. We love it.

      2. Wow -- I've been mourning the passing of Diwan for years, and have always failed to find where they relocated to. They were always my favorite Indian.

        Now I can't wait to go to Cinnamon Club!

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        1. re: LloydG

          lloydG: We, too, mourned Diwan for years. We LOVED it as well. I don't think that they ever relocated. From what I understand, the owner moved to a catering hall on Old Country Road (Antun's???) in or near Hicksville and was only doing Indian catering/parties for a while. He also has Diwan Grill in Manhattan which we have been to a few times (which we like) and a place in Queens that is hugely popular (but I've never tried) called Jackson Diner. It is very famous. Even Hillary Clinton has eaten there. We've been wanting to try it actually. When Diwan closed years ago we were desperate to find a replacement, and that's how we found Jewel of India in Syosset. It is very good, but we like Diwan, and now Cinnamon Club, better. But it is worth checking them out as well at some point.
          Has anyone here ever tried the Indian restaurant on Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park? I think it's called Heritage. I've been thinking about trying it but don't want to waste my time/money if it isn't any good. I'd love some feedback on that. Also, I heard that there is a restaurant in New Hyde Park that specializes in Dosas, It's called Dosa something or other (I forgot the exact name) but am interested in trying it. Does anyone here know anything about it? I'm wondering if it is like The Hampton Chutney Company? Now... they make GREAT dosas! Mmmmmm.!!!

        2. Dana S.

          I've eaten at Heritage a couple of times. I've also eaten at Rangmahal in Hicksville and the Jackson Diner.

          The Jackson Diner was great when I ate there several years ago. I went for lunch, which was a buffet, but the food was so much better than the other lunch buffets you see -- everything was fresh and the food was Diwan-quality. We went because we knew it was owned by the same people.

          Heritage is very good, but not the same as the old Diwan. It would have been a passable replacement, but now I'll try CC and see.

          Rangmahal in Hicksville is pretty good, although more oily than the others. When we went, the chef came out and steered us away from the usual dishes and toward some very good, and very spicy, shrimp dish that I would certainly return for. It's also always nice when you get a direct recommendation from the chef.


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          1. re: LloydG

            Lloyd: Thanks a lot for the feedback! HAPPY FEASTING TO YOU!!!!!