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Resource for difficult to find cookbooks?

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Hello -

I have heard great things about a cookbook from New Zealand: Recipes from Soul Bar, but can't seem to find a retailer that carries it in the US. I tried Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon without much luck.

Suggestions welcome.


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  1. You might try Kitchen Arts and Letters in New York. www.kitchenartsandletters.com - if they can't get it, I don't know who can.

    1. I'd try special order through an independent bookstore, or try Jessica's Biscuit (they have a website)--not listed, but you could inquire. It hasn't been released outside NZ apparently. Good luck.

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        I live right by New England Book Fair - they are the owners of Jessica's Biscuit. I buy books there all the time but haven't had much luck with anything unusual or hard to find. Good prices on what they do have though.

      2. I use alibris.com and/or abebooks.com for trying to locate old or unusual cookbooks. I just did a quick search and didn't find anything that seems to match your description, but alibris (at least) has a service where they'll try to find titles they don't list.

        1. Try The Cookbook Store in Toronto - they carry only cookbooks and food-related books.


          1. Here's the book.

            Why not just ring them up or send an email? We still have diplomatic relations with New Zeland and the mail boat still goes once a month just like always.

            1. I regularly buy directly using foreign Web sites. Some handle international shipping, some don't.

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              1. alibris.com, abebooks.com, and of course amazon.com. They all feature out of print books and you can search several different ways.

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                  Niki's spot on with those 3; I've had some luck on eBay, too.

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                    yes - I just checked Ebay and didn't find this book - but am always amazed at what can be found there.

                  2. You can check ebay.

                    alibris.com and abebooks.com are good resources, too.

                    And, as Robert Lauriston noted, you can buy books directly from foreign book sources. I've found a lot of books that were out of print in the US at amazon.co.uk, for instance.

                    Here's a list of online booksellers from New Zealand:


                    1. Powell's Books for Cooks in Portland, Oregon carries used and out of print and will let you know if something you've been looking for comes in.

                      1. Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, Greenwich Village, NYC (163 W 10th St.) 212.989.8962. She searched for books at Kitchen Arts & Letters before opening her own shop. She has never failed to find what I'm seeking. It may take a while, but she's a gem.

                        1. http://www.vintagecookbook.com

                          They have some good ones. There was one called "The Gay Cookbook" by Chef Lou Rand Hogan -with a man coming out of a cake! I want it.

                          There were so many that I wanted...I had to get off the site.

                          I wanted "How to Cook Wolf".

                          Melly http://www.sacramentofoodgroup.org

                          1. Sometimes the most direct route is the best: I simply emailed the restaurant and they said "Not a problem."


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                              I had the same experience. Then I called and spoke with Kelly Lytollis. She said someone else from the US had contacted her. I guess that would be you. I ordered two, one for me and one for a Christmas gift. I hope the weight of these cook books doesn't sink the mail boat!

                              I found this review.

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                                By the way, how did you happen to hear of this book, anyway?

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                                  I heard of the restaurant first. A friend of mine had mentioned it. I went on the web and read some good things about it. I went out to the web site and saw they have a cookbook. I thought it might be a nice treat to get a unique and hopefully useable book.

                              2. Interesting for me that people keep reference ABE and ALIBRIS -- start with Bookfinder.com which cross-references those two and numerous other sites.


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                                  This particular case was never really a bookfinder problem, since the book is current and in print. It just doesn't seem to have caught the attention of US booksellers. DanaB posted a site for NZ booksellers and I just picked The Woman's Bookshop at random and could have ordered on-line from them.

                                  But in the future, I'll remember to start a search with bookfinder rather than abebooks. Thank you.

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                                    But even with books currently in print, one can often find a less-expensive, remaindered version vs. paying the full price. I always check here before paying full price for any book -- so often publishers give out review copies that end up being sold at half price even when it is a brand new release!