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Oct 27, 2006 12:28 PM

Key West Italian Restaurant Question?

Going in a few weeks with a group of 15. Looking for very good italian with traditional fare like chicken parm and great pastas. Nothing very formal. La Trattoria can't accomodate our group and Mangia doesn't take reservations and wouldn't be able to seat us together anyway. Any reccomendations? Can anyone comment on Salute? Thanks.

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  1. I am not a fan of Salute. For what you are looking for I think your best bet would be a place called Abodanza (sp?). Its good, consistent, and has the fare you are looking for.

    1. I agree that Abbondanza sounds like the right place for your needs.

      1. Thanks for the correct spelling Nick. Scott, I want to also add that there are much better Italian places in KW (like the ones you mentioned that couldn't take your group) so I sorta just want to add that you might not be wow'd by Abbondanza. Its good but by no means one of the best. Mangia Mangia would be such a nice choice. Maybe you could call back and speak to a mananger and see what they could do for you. If you hit them during a slow time they mught try to accomodate you all.

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          Thanks for info. As much as I want italian for one of the nights, it's not worth going to Abbondanza since we still want very good food. The first night we have reservations at 7Fish, the last at Michaels, so I figured italian in between would be good. The problem with Mangia is not only the no reservation policy, but they could not put us all at one table even if we walked in. I made reservations at Mangoes, but I'm not set on that. I also have reservations that same night at A&B, but I don't want to repeat the fish theme from 7Fish by going to A&B the next night. any suggestions?

          1. re: ScottK

            I was in KW a year ago and we had a great dinner at Opera. We had an appetizer of three kinds of handmade ravioli. The pumpkin rav was heavenly. Service was good, too. They take reservations but I'm not sure about a table for 15.

          2. re: Suzie

            Agreed. The food at Abbondanza isn't mind-blowing, but I've never had anything I didn't like there. The atmosphere is fun too--great for a big group, which I frequently see there. Still, it doesn't compare to some of the other high-end Italian places in KW, such as Antonia's, Opera or La Trattoria.

          3. I would do A&B over Mangoes simply because Mangoes has changed hands and there seems to be some mixed reviews out there. It is a great people watching place though. A&B has a pretty varied menu so there is other things to choose from besides seafood. If you all decide to go there call Chuck, who is in charge of the restaurant, and see if he can put you all outside over looking the Marina or put you near the windows. Have fun!