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Oct 27, 2006 12:11 PM


Who all makes the same dinner for Christmas that they just had for Thanksgiving??

My family finally got tired of having the "traditional" turkey dinner for Thanksgiving and then 4 wks later repeating the same menu! Complete with the same disgusting recipes!

We finally decided to try a prime rib dinner and have been doing that for Christmas ever since. We shake it up a little with baked potato and not-so-traditional sides, like a tossed green salad and corn on the cobb. Seems kinda weird, but it's our new Christmas tradition!

What's yours??

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  1. In our family, Christmas is all about pasta. As our grandparents found it more difficult to host, we (a very large group) decided to bring a pasta specialty. Last year there were 22 different pasta dishes from savory to sweet, light to down right brick-heavy. Now that our kids are old enough to get in the act they (a group of 12) started their own tradition-salads. Our teen (a rather fussy eater) makes the howlin good garlic bread.

    Leftovers galore--but its a family act!

    1. I'm the same as you - usually T'giving is turkey, homemade gravy, cranberry-orange relish, and I always try and add one different food item each year, although mashed potatoes, "squish", as my sister calls it (squash), and green beans tend to be the veggies.

      Christmas has become something different - beef tenderloin or pork loin roast tend to be the entree choices.

      1. Yup, my mother always made exactly the same dinner on both holidays: turkey, oyster dressing, giblet gravy, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes,cranberries (never, ever, ever from a can), something green and pumpkin pie.

        Now that we've all grown up, it turns out that on Thanksgiving the meat of choice is pork roast, of all things. But we still have to have some form of oysters with it, plus some pumpkin pie.

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          Thanks to my Cuban-American niece-in-law, our extended family's regular Christmas dinner is now wonderfully garlicky roast pork, along with beans and rice, and finished with her great flan.

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            We also always had pork roast on X-mas, though we are not from Cuba. My mom is Bolivian. She always rubbed it with lemon, garlic, cumin and aji(andean pepper) powder. Rice was a standard side to nearly all our dinners. I don't like turkey or chicken all that much.

        2. There would be a mutinous uprising heard around the world if I did NOT make a turkey with all the fixin's for Thanksgiving, but after that, anything goes. I'm single now and sons are 27, 25 and 23 and they cannot wait to eat Thanksgiving foods. Christmas Day is usually prime rib but doesn't HAVE to be, (ha! we ate an early Christmas dinner last year and then went out for Sushi at 6 p.m., it was a riot! I've never in my life gone to a restaurant on Christmas Day!) Easter is usually either lamb roast or ham but I'm not tied to either one.

          1. When we lived on the Canadian border of NY state my husband and I would go to Montreal on Thanksgiving day and have an upscale lunch in one of the better restaurants and dinner in Chinatown before heading home after some Christmas shopping. Now it tends to be turkey on Thanksgiving if we are having guests in. There are just the two of us so if we are going to do the meal we invite others. One that was fun was inviting a Vietnamese family. They had never had the American traditional dinner before. Their children were clammoring for mama to make them turkey after that.

            Christmas tends to be beef rib roast but I would not turn down a fresh ham if I had enough people around to help eat it. Got to have spoonbread with that, I posted recipes on 10/25 for it.