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Oct 27, 2006 11:41 AM

Thai Food Wethersfield CT

We ate at Puket Cafe on the Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield last night. The food was very good, quiet atmosphere. Had the spicy pad thai with shrimp, garlic beef and mango surprise. All fresh and really good flavor. Very reasonable.

It's right across the street from the Wethersfield Shopping Plaza.

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  1. I ate at Puket Cafe in Wethersfield last week. The food was fabulous. We had the combo appetizer which gives you two of each appetizer on the menu. All of them gave with special sauces and they were served beautifully. I would reccommend this restuarant to anyone from Wethersfield or East. It's closer that Lemon Grass in West Hartford and the quality is just as good.

    1. i have had several meals from puket..i work down the road and it's one of few takeout options that doesn't involve a fried chicken cutlet. the food is always good and i am impressed each time by the freshness and quality of their vegetables. definitely recommend, but i want to point out the two negative experiences i had..

      1> tom kha soup. TOO CREAMY. order this as an app and you will be full before your meal arrives no doubt

      2> ground chicken. any time i've gotten a dish/salad with GC in it, it's always been gristly. not sure what is up with that..

      the good: great tom yum, pad thai is a generous portion and the perfect mix of sprouty, peanutty crispness and satisfying grease. curries are all flavorful yet light. rice is always cooked perfectly. staff (especially the really skinny hostess lady) are super friendly.

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        We ate there this week.
        Agree with the goodbyeohio - the veggies are very fresh & one of the better options in the area.
        It isn't great Thai though - Thai Garden (?) near A Dong and Swadee (sp?) in South Windsor are much better.
        The tom yum was OK but no sign of the sweet/sour undercurrent that I think come from tamarind, also no lime leaves - seems like it was a basic chicken broth with some lemongrass & chilli, OK as a soup, not great Tom Yum. Similar experiences with the basil chicken & green curry duck (which wasn't very hot at all & also had a heavy hand with the coconut milk).