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Jan 18, 2005 01:18 AM

european bakery

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I'm having a wedding in the Palo Alto area and am looking for an excellent but reasonably priced bakery to make my wedding cake. Does anyone know of a place?

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    Dennis Mitchell

    Try the Copenhagen Crown bakery...The owner is a Danish fellow named Jesper Jensen. He does great work with wedding cakes and is fairly priced.

    2079 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA 95050

    Phone: (408) 243-5443

    The place is not in a fancy location, which further helps moderate the pricing.

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    1. re: Dennis Mitchell

      I'll second the recommendation for Copenhagen Crown. They have good, authentic, Danish pastries. In my opinion, the poppy seed danish (I think it's thebierkes in Danish) and kranse kage are the best :) The kringler and flat cinnamon danish are also really good. My mom's Danish, and she loves it.

    2. It really depends what you consider "reasonably priced." The prices for all wedding cakes pretty much take my breath away. However, that said, here are a few places to consider: La Baguette in Stanford Shopping Center, Woodside Bakery in Woodside, Palo Alto Baking Company in Palo Alto on Calivornia Ave)., Prolific Oven in Palo Alto, Andronico's in Stanford Shopping Center, and Draeger's in Menlo Park.

      Please let me know if you find any others - I am doing to exact same search as you right now!

      1. Here is a thread from last week on cakes in the city. Not sure on what reasonable price means , but Dellessio and Tartine are favorites for me.


        1. Mazzetti's Italian Bakery
          Manor Dr
          Pacifica, CA

          I was married last June with a luscious 3 tier buttercream cake (different fillings in all 3 layers) for approximately $300. NY style Italian bakery.