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Oct 27, 2006 08:03 AM

Ever get comp'ed for service faux pas or weirdness

There's been a few threads here about bad service, comp'ing the customer or about how comp'ing helps a service faux pas. On that note, any stories? Full meal, drinks, dessert? Any weirdness/ Did it redeem the restaurant in your eyes? Did you go back?

I'll start. Nothing earth shaking. Once my doggie bag was tossed. When I asked for it they realized the mistake and comp'ed the meal. Nice response but the meal was only okay, hence the doggie bag. Another they ran out of an ingredient and finally had to serve me something else after some slow service Definately redeemed the experience but I liked the place any way.

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  1. We were at a restaurant in DC that was apparently having some management issues. We ordered our food and were almost finished when we heard some argument coming from the kitchen. Apparently, the cooking staff were refusing to work until they got paid (I heard something about paychecks bouncing). Most of the other diners had left and it was just us and another couple. Our meal was less than $50 and all I had was a fifty so I paid and waited and waited. I hear another argument coming from the kitchen where the manager was trying to pay the staff in liquor from the bar instead of money. The cookstaff start yelling about not being able to feed their families liquor and several staff storm out. At which point the manager gives me back my $50 and says that they don't have any money in the till to make change and the meal's on the house.

    The place closed two days later. Don't remember much about the meal, but the floor show was worth the price of admission.

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      1. Free cheesecake at Morton's (SF) because our server's shift ended in the middle of our meal and she didn't properly relay to the next server that we were his table. We didn't notice for awhile because it does take a long time to eat that steak, but our server graciously offered anyway.

        The only other incident I can think of is being upgraded to lobster sashimi when my favorite sushi bar was out of amaebi (sweet shrimp). Now that was a treat! And smart, too, because now we always at least consider asking for it.

        1. $100 gift certificate to Emeril's in Orlando, after complaining via e-mail to corporate headquarters that we got served room temperature wine & the waiter claimed that "all white wine is served at that temperature". also, they served the soup without spoons & the dessert soufles without spoons. they also made the restaurant manager call to apologize.

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            That's ridiculous! I'd never say that to a guest!

          2. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant comp'ed once. We were given drinks and chips and salsa, but then waited and waited and waited for our entrees. What made the situation worse was that we were there with a (very patient) kid who was up past his bedtime. The waitress said she had no idea why the place was so crowded suddenly, since it had been dead earlier in the evening. She finally sat down at our table (!) and told us that our order had been lost. She then she went into the kitchen and came back with someone else's food in a to-go container and told us to take the kid home to bed. She didn't charge us anything, but it was still frustrating. Plus it was my birthday.