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Ever get comp'ed for service faux pas or weirdness

There's been a few threads here about bad service, comp'ing the customer or about how comp'ing helps a service faux pas. On that note, any stories? Full meal, drinks, dessert? Any weirdness/ Did it redeem the restaurant in your eyes? Did you go back?

I'll start. Nothing earth shaking. Once my doggie bag was tossed. When I asked for it they realized the mistake and comp'ed the meal. Nice response but the meal was only okay, hence the doggie bag. Another they ran out of an ingredient and finally had to serve me something else after some slow service Definately redeemed the experience but I liked the place any way.

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  1. We were at a restaurant in DC that was apparently having some management issues. We ordered our food and were almost finished when we heard some argument coming from the kitchen. Apparently, the cooking staff were refusing to work until they got paid (I heard something about paychecks bouncing). Most of the other diners had left and it was just us and another couple. Our meal was less than $50 and all I had was a fifty so I paid and waited and waited. I hear another argument coming from the kitchen where the manager was trying to pay the staff in liquor from the bar instead of money. The cookstaff start yelling about not being able to feed their families liquor and several staff storm out. At which point the manager gives me back my $50 and says that they don't have any money in the till to make change and the meal's on the house.

    The place closed two days later. Don't remember much about the meal, but the floor show was worth the price of admission.

    1. Free cheesecake at Morton's (SF) because our server's shift ended in the middle of our meal and she didn't properly relay to the next server that we were his table. We didn't notice for awhile because it does take a long time to eat that steak, but our server graciously offered anyway.

      The only other incident I can think of is being upgraded to lobster sashimi when my favorite sushi bar was out of amaebi (sweet shrimp). Now that was a treat! And smart, too, because now we always at least consider asking for it.

      1. $100 gift certificate to Emeril's in Orlando, after complaining via e-mail to corporate headquarters that we got served room temperature wine & the waiter claimed that "all white wine is served at that temperature". also, they served the soup without spoons & the dessert soufles without spoons. they also made the restaurant manager call to apologize.

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          That's ridiculous! I'd never say that to a guest!

        2. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant comp'ed once. We were given drinks and chips and salsa, but then waited and waited and waited for our entrees. What made the situation worse was that we were there with a (very patient) kid who was up past his bedtime. The waitress said she had no idea why the place was so crowded suddenly, since it had been dead earlier in the evening. She finally sat down at our table (!) and told us that our order had been lost. She then she went into the kitchen and came back with someone else's food in a to-go container and told us to take the kid home to bed. She didn't charge us anything, but it was still frustrating. Plus it was my birthday.

          1. At Magnolia Grill in Durham, NC, we were seated and then had to wait about 10 minutes for a server to come to our table--apparently two servers each thought the other one was responsible for that particular table. When the server finally arrived he apologized profusely. We said something like, "Oh, don't worry, it's no big deal." He said, very earnestly, "No, that's not our style" to have that kind of service mishap. I really appreciated that he acknowledged and took responsibility for the mistake. When our desserts came out, he comped both of us a dessert wine perfectly matched to our dessert--one was a sherry and the other a tawny port. This gesture really made the evening for us. I love that place.

            1. My BF and I went out for dinner and weren't that hungry so we just ordered the main course. After over an hour the chef came out and told us that our order had been lost and that our steaks were just starting to be prepared right now. Out of this we got two free apps, two free beers and two dessert platters. Plus the chef served us for the rest of the night which was a nice touch. At the end of the night we paid for everything we ordered, but I think our bill would have been doubled if we paid for everything that we consumed.

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                we went out for dinner one time with some friends, and we got our orders in ok time, except for my friend warren. after waiting about 20 minutes after we got ours, his meal finally came, a blackened steak. but wait, it wasn't a blackened steak, it was an extremely spicy peppered steak, and he couldn't eat it, so he sent it back, and another 30 minutes later out comes his steak again, this time the right steak, only the problem was he had ordered it well done, and it came blue rare!, ok so he sent it back,yet again, and waited another 20 minutes. finally it came out right, but by this time the rest of us were done desert. No apology, and they only comped him drinks.
                i was not impressed.

              2. I and a friend were eating at a Thai restaurant. We were about halfway through our chicken coconut soup (Tom Yum?) and I looked down into my bowl and saw a cockroach. It was disturbing but all I could do was to laugh at that point. We showed it to the waiter and left. The soup and our beers were comped.

                Another time at a different Thai restaurant (one of the best in the Bay Area) we found broken glass in the Pad Thai. When we showed it to the waitress she implied that we put it in it. That dish was comped.

                We never went back to either place (obviously).

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                  Not too long ago, I found glass in my delivery pizza. Whn I called to let them know (thinking that maybe they would like to check the sauce or cheese so that it wouldn't happen to someone else)all they said to me was "Well, you know we just did renovations"

                  Am I wrong in thinking that that isn't an excuse for shards of glass in my food? And they didn't offer a new one...They just said that "next time" they'd fix me up. There hasn't been a next time!

                2. A short disclaimer: This was a New Year's dinner, and I realize places are packed on NY, however I think our experience was beyond acceptable.

                  My SO and 4 of our friends went to the Bier Bistro in Toronto for New Year's dinner. $100 prix fixe. There were 6 courses, 4 of them to be paired with accompanying beers.

                  We arrived early, were seated on time, and ordered at 8. We were brought our first course beers, but the first course didn't show up for another 45 minutes. Second course - a palate cleanser - arrived another 45 minutes after we were all finished our appetizers. The third and fourth course beers had both arrived by now, so we each had two beers in front of us and no food.

                  It's around 10 now, and by this point our waiter was apologizing profusely for the kitchen delay; blamed on a shortage of food. How you run out of food when tickets are purchased in advance, don't ask me. Maybe more people preferred the salad to the soup.

                  Our little group was trying to make the best of the evening, and continued to order other drinks. There was quite a party going on with a live band, and we had hoped to have our dinner finished and get into the New Years festivities by midnight. The main courses had not arrived by midnight, and we ended up eating at around 1 a.m. The last three courses were basically scrapped, as we had no desire to indulge in any food 2 in the morning and it didn't look like they were ever coming anyway.

                  The waiter, again apologizing - to what looked like us, and every other diner in the place - brought us a token bottle of champagne on the house.

                  At the end of the evening, we hadn't received three out of six courses, but were brought a bottle of champagne. Our bill came, tallying up all the extra alcohol we ordered, no discount for the food we hadn't received but already paid for (the $100 pre-paid tickets), and we had been charged for the 'complimentary' bottle of champagne plus another champagne bottle which we didn't even receive or consume.

                  The guys confronted the waiter about the two bottles of champagne, made clear their disatisfaction over the evening in general, and the waiter took our bill, ripped it up, and walked away.

                  I'm still not sure if we won or not that night.

                  1. I can't believe you stayed at a restaurant for 6 hours!

                    My wife and I were having lunch one day. The place was NOT busy, we placed our two sandwich orders, 40 minutes later still no food and no sign of our waiter or any other waiter. We only had water (tap water) and the free bread. We walked out with $2 on the table. As we were driving away, we saw the waiter step out of the restaurant looking for us as if we had just eaten and not paid. It took him about 5 minutes to even notice his table was suddenly vacant!

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                      Yeah, I know. But it was New Years, and I doubt the six of us would mutually decide on another place; even if we could, we probably couldn't get in anywhere. And by the time the extent of the problem sunk in, it was around 10:30/11:00 anyway.

                      Tried making the best of it by drinking, and enjoying the live band and each other's company. A hefty bar tab was ripped up at the end of the night.

                    2. Just last night we went for dinner at Roy's in Chandler, AZ. We had ordered a chocolate souffle to split....they put the order in the kitchen while we were eating our entrees.

                      After our entree plates were cleared we sat and finished our glasses of wine. We could see the bar from where we were sitting and were watching the last inning of the Cardinals/Tigers. Just as the winning pitch was thrown and the crowd went crazy...

                      Our waiter appears with an entirely different dessert than we ordered. Apologizing profusely for the long wait on the souffle adn this was compliments of the kitchen until the souffle was ready.

                      We laughed and thanked him as we'd been entertained by the game and hadnt' even noticed it took longer than it should have(it was a souffle after all).

                      The souffle showed up a bit later...pastry cook must have been watching that last inning as well!

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                        I just had that souffle several days ago. We always order it! Glad you were able to enjoy it in the end. Funny thing is, we were celebrating two people's birthdays, and the server came out to apologize that the souffles were taking longer than usual. We were entirely okay with that and continued chatting. Minutes later, a platter of goodies for the birthday boy and girl came out, along with our souffles - the waiter admitted he had tricked us, and it was the birthday dish that was taking longer than usual! :) Gotta love Roy's.

                      2. We had sort of the opposite experience of a faux pas. The first time my whole family went to Yia Yia's (in Overland Park, KS) our food probably took all of 15 minutes to get to us, which this is a fairly nice restaurant, so we thought that was pretty fast. Our waiter kept apologizing that our food took so long and we would just kind of look at each other like "huh?!" and told him as much. Anyway, as we were looking at the dessert menu, he told us to order whatever we wanted because dessert was on the house! We protested, but he wouldn't take no for an answer! I've eaten at better restaurants since I've lived in Kansas City, but Yia Yia's still remains one of my favorites... just goes to show, you can win my heart over with dessert anytime!! ;-) (It was the best apple pie I've ever had, though they've taken it off the menu since then, much to my chagrin!)

                        1. Years ago, a group of friends always went to Friday's for girl's night out. This particular restaurant had recently opened and they definitely didn't have their act together yet. Orders were often lost or confused, and food would come out lukewarm. Anytime we complained, we were comped, either with a free meal or dessert. Why did we keep going back? If the kitchen didn't mess up, the meal was good. If they did mess up, we complained and they comped us. We figured we won either way!

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                            1. Sure, all the time. In nicer restaurants in SF, it seems like they're almost eager to give stuff away for free.

                              Most recently, I was in Incanto in San Francisco, dining alone at the bar on a busy-ish night. A party of four came in, and I moved over to accomodate them. As I was moving over, one of the girls in the party, who was drunk, started pushing my wineglasses over for me in a clumsy manner. I thought she was a bit vulgar, but other than that, she didn't disturb my meal in any substantial fashion. Nothing spilled or anything like that.

                              Nevertheless, almost instantly, the bartender came over to make sure I was okay. Sure, no problem. Despite assuring the staff that I was fine, that nothing was wrong, they decided to comp my dessert anyway, "in compensation for any discomfort I may have suffered while moving over for the new party." The discomfort was almost nil, and anyhow was no fault of the restaurant's, but who am I to turn down free food? Either way, the service was duly noted, and my opinion of the restaurant, already favorable, only increased.

                              I had a similar experience at Jardiniere; the waitress forgot about me for perhaps thirty seconds; a free drink was obtained. That's the sort of thing diners remember fondly...

                              1. Funny you should ask this today. I had an awful experience yesterday at Hawthorne Lane.

                                More than a month ago I had signed up for one of their "Dinners in the Kitchen" tasting events, prepaid & all. I received a confirmation email from their assistant GM this Tuesday, clearly stating we were dining on Friday. Turns out, my reservation was for Thursday, not Friday, as I found out when I checked my voicemail yesterday morning at work. I called the Ass. GM, and after 2 calls with no call back (each time the hostess said he had JUST stepped out), I sent him a copy of my email. He finally responded with another email simply stating that they had messed up, but my original reservation was for thursday, and here's a copy of the original reservation (again, made more than a month ago). I asked if they could just squeeze the two of us in (we had dressed up, set aside that night & everything), to which he simply said "no, we're overbooked." No offer of any compensation, just some lame excuse and an offer for us to come back later next month. Now, I wasn't looking for anything, but during this entire exchange, he made me feel like I was the one who did something wrong, and that the burden of proof was on me. I mean, my god, how hard would it have been to seat us in the dining room instead of the Chef's Table? I KNOW Hawthorne Lane isn't that popular anymore.

                                It took three emails before he even offered a complimentary wine tasting to go with our prepaid menus. During this whole time, he never took my calls. We decided it was in our best interest to write this off and ask for a refund. I sure hope this isn't a sign of the kind of service we can expect at their new concept (TWO)...

                                1. The funniest comp I witnessed was at a Dalt's in Nashville 20-some years ago. A very urbane, cultured Haitian friend of ours was visiting, and insisted on going there as he had hardly any experience of chain restaurants. When he spotted one item on the menu - some kind of taco salad pasta casserole doodad - he said, "Oh my God, I have to see this for myself!" and ordered it. When it arrived, he was amazed that anyone would invent something like this, much less serve it, and he was pushing it around, taking little nibbles, very much amused. The manager happened by and noticed that Leni was not exactly attacking his dinner, and inquired if anything might be wrong. Leni said, "Oh, I'm just astounded by this ridiculous dish. Is it really popular?" The manager said that Yes, it was one of their more popular items, why? Leni said, "It's - it's simply so insane...it's like World War Three on my plate!" The manager very politely removed the embattled plate, asked if Leni would like something else - he got a burger - and comped the whole thing!

                                  The taco whatever-it-was did not make it onto the next edition of the Dalt's menu; so much for "popular".

                                  1. My mom and I were eating lunch at Bay Wolf in Oakland, Ca. when, what turned out to be one of the owners, dropped a glass of water as he was bussing the table next to ours. Our ankles got wet, no big deal. He was very appologetic and comped both our appetizers and our entrees. Very nice gesture for a very little thing.

                                    This seems to be a theme when my mom and I have lunch together. Another time we were at the Santa Fe Bar and Grill in Berkeley, seated next to a window, when someone came along to water the window box with a hose and ended up watering my mom as well! We didn't get any free stuff though, just wet.

                                    1. While enjoying lunch at Elephant & Castle in Boston the waitress lost control of her tray and splattered an entire bowl of chowder on me. It was in my hair, on my coat all over my back etc. The waitress ran away for fear I would yell at her I suppose, but it was an accident and I was able to clean up. The manager could not have been more apologetic and he comped the entire meal and a bottle of wine for myself and dining companion. I've been back!

                                      1. Years ago when I was married to my Ex-husband, we went to a local Vietnamese place for dinner. Upon arriving we discovered that the air conditioning just went out and at the same time the majority of electrical service to the restaurant had gone out as well. My Ex is an HVAC contractor and offered to take a look at the situation and was able to correct it in a short time and the restaurant was back in business for the evening. They were very appreciative, etc. and imagine our surprise when the check came and they took 10% off our bill (which was probably about $3). We had to laugh because we expected dinner to be comped after the events of the evening.

                                        1. I should share about the time I was enjoying my meal at at local chinese place, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a policeman entering the premises all crouched down with his gun drawn. My first reaction was to get up, but he motioned for me to stay put. He arrested a customer who had come in for take-out and was giving the staff a hard time. I was comped a free drink, which I probably needed at that moment, and I never went back!!

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                                            Yeah, I've been in a taqueria that busted a guy while I ate. I was young and it didn't matter much. Same place had a drive by shooting while a friend was in there...it was a life changing experience and he got his "act" together and started doing things.

                                          2. We were on a road trip and stopped at Perkins, figuring we could all stand to get out of the car for a while. It turned out to be a LONG while as we waited over 40 minutes for our food. My dad poked his head into the back, to see if he could flag down our server and get an update and caught her ripping the kitchen staff a new one. They'd lost our order. Whole meal was comp'ed. Poor waitress was very embarrassed.

                                            1. The 1st time I ate at Pasta Pomodora in North Beach, San Fran ( very good food, inexpensive,655 Union St right around corner fr: Columbus Ave- on Washington Park - Sit in front by window you'll get a great view of the impressive St. Peter and Paul Church*). We got our salads soon enough but had to wait for our pasta dishes, after about 15 minutes as I looked for the waiter to ask about, he came up fr: behind and apologized for the wait. Food came in about another 10 minutes. Not that long compared to some of the horrors at other restaurants I've read about. Nonetheless, they comped both pasta dishes.
                                              This past Memorial weekend we ate there again. They said they were out of plain bread, but they'd substitute garlic cheese toast at no charge "If that was alright w/ us?" After thinking about it for a long time (less than a second) we reluctantly (sarcasm) agreed.
                                              *BTW the "promo" in 1st quotes is true not based on being comped.

                                              I trust whenever you can determine the problem not being the server's fault, whether comped or not, you don't ding the server on the tip (when comped: tip on the bill before comp deduction), and maybe even tip extra if they handle it well, especially when you're comped. Tell the Manager, tell the the owner- you'll be more effective.

                                              1. When we were around 19 years old and in college, a friend and I went to lunch at Bob's Big Boy. I devoured my hamburger but my friend, a picky eater, didn't eat much of her chili. I tasted it and it was ok; nothing special, but typical diner chili. The waitress asked if anything was wrong with the chili and my friend said she didn't like it. Then the waitress asked if she could bring her something else from the menu; my friend said no. So my friend's meal and drink were comped! We were both surprised-- no, shocked. Class act.

                                                1. What really puzzled me was being comped our app. for no apparent reason one time.

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                                                    Some server probably submitted a dupe ticket for a nearby table :)

                                                  2. 2 years ago, i was in charge of setting up a girls day/night for the bridal party of my friend who was getting married. i had 6 girls getting their nails done, and then off to dinner afterward. this was taking place in menlo park, CA. so, i found a restaurant months ahead and i cannot remember the name, although it started with a C and it was italian and if someones says the name ill know :)
                                                    anyway, i chose the restaurant because we wanted italian, and it was very close to the salon. i made reservations a good month & 1/2 ahead of time. i remember the lady actually laughing at me for making them SO far in advance.
                                                    so, the big day comes and we all meet in menlo ( we all drove 45 min-1 hour to get there, we live all over ) and we goto salon, blah blah, and then goto restaurant. well, there is a sign on the door saying CLOSED FOR PRIVATE PARTY. we go in and i ask to talk to the owner, and her & i talked for a while. i was pregnant at the time, and when i was pregnant i was able to speak more freely then i normally would have so i really let the lady know how upset we were and how we all drove so far and how i made the RES so long ago and no one ever called, etc...

                                                    WELL, the owner sent us to one of her friends restaurants in palo alto, ( again, i forget the name but this one was italian too ) and she BOUGHT EVERYTHING INCLUDING BOOZE & TIP!!!!

                                                    it was very cool. i sent her a thank you note the next day.

                                                    1. After enduring a comedy of errors in which nobody was laughing, a series of events that ultimatly caused the waiter to flee the restaurant, my wife complained to the manager. We were not charged, and also were given a handwritten comp note, to come back and have dinner for two again. While it was quite generous- there was no monetary limit assigned- we were dubious about returning...

                                                      This is terrible! Let's do it again sometime!

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                                                      1. re: The Engineer

                                                        Screw-ups happen. Unless you know that your experience is characteristic of the level of service provided by the restaurant, why would you not give them a second chance?

                                                        1. re: mclaugh

                                                          My man and I went out for dinner one night and ordered apps while we were looking over the menu. We talked, ate, drank wine, and then ordered our mains. We talked and talked and talked some more (we'd been apart for some time), and quite a while later our waiter came out and sheepishly told us that he'd forgotten to order our meals. He was so upset that we couldn't be angry, and we were having a good time in any event, so we told him not to worry. Then...he told us that he'd forgotten what we'd ordered. We couldn't remember either, so he brought back the menus, we ordered again and the food was out in an appropriate amount of time.

                                                          The waiter apologized over and over and demanded that we accept dessert, on him. We didn't have room for dessert, so he demanded that we have specialty coffees in lieu of dessert. Well, we haven't had specialty coffees in ages so we accepted. He was happy, we were happy that he was happy - all things considered, we had a great time.

                                                          My thought on this subject is this: If this is the worst thing that happens to me today/this week/in my life, I can't complain. It seems that some people go out to restaurants looking for something to complain about so that they can get something for free, or have an excuse for leaving a bad tip. That's just wrong!

                                                          1. re: mclaugh

                                                            It was the first time we ate at the place, so we really didn't know what was "normal" there, although I HOPE this wasn't a typical experience. We really would have died if we had to deal with the same waiter again on a return trip.

                                                            But I have a rhetorical question for you, too: Given the tens of thousands of restaurants in a 50 mile radius from my home (1/2 way between NYC and Philadelphia), why bother?

                                                            1. re: The Engineer

                                                              Screw-ups happen.

                                                              Restaurants that care about their customes' dining experience will acknowledge their mistakes and at least try to make amends. Whether or not you take them up on their offer is up to you.

                                                              While there very well may be tens of thousands of restaurants within 50 miles of your home, it is a virtual certainty that not all of them care about their customers' dining experience. (I grew up about an hour from Philly and have eaten in enough restaurants in the area to know that that's the case!) Given what you have related makes it sound like this is one that does, which is more than you know about the majority of the other tens of thousands of restaurants. For me, that would be sufficient reason to give them a second chance; whether or not it is sufficient for you, only you can say, but whether or not you do give them a second chance, in fairness to the restaurant, any time you relate your experience to friends, family, colleagues, etc., you should take special care to emphasize that they at least tried to make amends by comping your meal and giving you a note comping your meal on future return visit.

                                                        2. I have had this kind of thing happen to me a number of times. Seems to me that it is only reasonable that the staff try and make up for their mistakes in some fashion. To be honest, nowadays if I have a very bad experience in a restaurant, and they don't offer me some kind of comp to make up for it, they definitely will lose my business, whereas if they are gracious about it, I will almost always try them again.

                                                          1. a friend of mine went to a restaurant and while the waitress was serving drinks she leaned over to pass one and the drink tray slipped, dumping 2 drinks on him and his wife. they got the whole meals comped.

                                                            1. from the other side:

                                                              on a very busy saturday night, a guest got up and complained to me that he didn't like his main course. i offered to re-cook it, remove it, replace it, comp it, everything i'd normally do. he adamantly refused, and insisted i do nothing. his friends were paying, he didn't want to upset them. i offered different solutions several times, and he was very firm.

                                                              i told their waiter that we'd buy them dessert. as the entrees were being cleared, the host handed over his credit card to pay -- they wanted to leave right away. on his way out, the guy literally grabbed me by the arm to express dismay that "i'd done nothing."

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                                                              1. re: hotoynoodle

                                                                I've heard similar stories from servers/owners before. Some people are just not interested in any solution to a situation. No amount of remedy would ever satisfy them. They get their satisfaction out of complaining and making a scene.

                                                                The corrollary are those who don't try and remedy the situation at the time, and instead complain in exquisite detail on boards like this. You can't blame them really. It's really satisfying on some level.

                                                                1. re: monkeyrotica

                                                                  Yes, this happens A LOT. Somebody calls, complains about the food they ate yesterday, or had delivered to them, or whatever. They don't want a replacement. They don't want a discount or comped meal some time in the future. They don't want their money back. they can't be consoled. They just want to yell and be nasty. It's a specific type of call and it's a regular thing. But 98% of the calls are positive and nice, so it's not that bad and we mostly just make fun of them after we hang up the phone.

                                                              2. I am always willing to give a resto a second chance, sometimes, I even go 3+ before off the list (hey i live in suburbia and a new resto is a new resto).

                                                                One in town evicted my 4-top 90 minutes into our dinner (they seated us 30 minutes after reso time) while the dessert menus sat in front of us. We ignored the first request and as we were about to order dessert they told us dessert for our table would be served at the bar. No seats at the bar and then the matre d' brought 2 desserts (HIS CHOICE OF WHICH ONES) over to us WHILE WE WERE STANDING THERE HOLDING OUR COATS. We just left. Food and service not that great so I figured I was done with this resto. Received a call two days later with an apology and an offer to go back for dinner on the resto.

                                                                Round 2 - The maitre d' told us this would be the best meal we ever had. Food was lousy (shrimp served raw, veal milanese pure fat and gristle, chocolate cake tasted like Entemann's) and service still below standards. This resto got two shots and now off the list.

                                                                Sometimes a free meal is not worth the price.

                                                                1. Some years ago we stayed at Harrah’s Tahoe with another couple to see a show. It was their anniversary so they went up to the lake early to celebrate. When we arrived late, they had had room service dinner and were somewhat looped. They had consumed every item of booze and snacks in the room fridge and proceeded to get into ours. My wife and I laughed ourselves to sleep thinking about what that was going to cost. When we checked out, I was almost breathless waiting to find out what it costs to clear out the room bar at Harrah’s, but they had changed computers during the night and comped all extra room charges. Wow! Some people are born lucky.