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Oct 27, 2006 06:19 AM

Lunch on I 95 around St Augustine

Looking for a lunch spot on I 95 around St Augustine. anyone have any help?

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  1. not at the exit. there are outlet malls and some chains but you'd have to go more towards st. augustine and the ocean to get better eating. try gypsycab over the bridge of lions. but right off 95, there's nthing special

    1. Don't know what kind of food you like, but if you're interested in excellent vegetarian/organic, Manatee Cafe isn't too far off 95 on State Road 16 (toward St. Augustine, in a strip mall like everything else).

      1. I thought the food was average overall there, but the french toast was excellent.

        1. Fair enough. I also liked the tofu scramble (or whatever they name it there). Gypsy Cab strikes me as a long drive for someone passing through. Don't know of anything better than Manatee Cafe that's so close to 95.