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Oct 27, 2006 05:28 AM

Food Confessions, Desperate Times Bring Desperate Meals

I've been scraping for change for gas money broke all week. So broke that I've eaten XO sauce sandwhiches all week. Yes, chinese XO sauce on wheat, and oh two days I had some scallions on them. Not bad.
God bless condiments.

Mind you I am partially broke because I buy expensive condiments on whim.

So what desperate meals have you conjured up in times of need?

xo sauce if you don't know what it is:

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  1. Not to further fuel your condiment habit, but have you tried Lee Kum Kee's Spicy Szechuan sauce? pretty good with plain noodles. Healthy if you add a cheap vegetable to the boiling water.

    1. In fourth or fifth grade I didn't have a spoon to eat my vegetable soup with at school so tried bending an orange (for Halloween I think) big flat lollipop to use to at least get the veggies. I'll never forget the taste of sweet orange vegetable soup... and it's not a good memory.

      1. Raleigh, please check out the Home Cooking Board...there's a new thread about Delicious Dollar meals and there's also one about sprucing up Top Ramen noodles. Condiments are pretty cheap as you say and so are a can of beans, usually around 59 cents and they offer great could add salsa to black beans for a tasty meal along with any cheese scraps you might have on hand.

        1. Lots of gohan (steamed rice) with small quantities of anything else--such as ume and vegetable pickles. Has worked for most Asians for centuries.

          1. During the Depression, folks used to make "tomato soup" out of the complimentary ketchup and hot water at the automat. Add some free salt, pepper, and crackers and you have a classic desperation meal.

            I'm sure you could assemble something similar at your local fastfood chain.

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              That was my dad's idea of teaching me survival skills. Go into a diner, order a cup of tea, don't use the teabag, add ketchup and pepper, you've got soup. Of course, back in his day a cup of tea didn't cost $4.50!