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Oct 27, 2006 05:20 AM

LF: Yummy Restaurant -Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, fusion

Im taking my bf for dinner on this bday, wanted to know of any good places to go. I am looking for either chinese, indian, thai, malaysian, or a fusion of those, somewhere in north york, richmond hill, brampton, missisauga, etobicoke, the closer to north york is better though. I am obviously looking for something yummy, full of flavour. I have indian and chinese at home and i need something which will blow me away.

Recommend me any restaurants and dishes,

For malaysian i have tried restorant malaysia and cococunt island as ppl there reviewed, it was good, but not amazing, i guess it depends what you order. Asian legend on yonge and shpd, not the greatest. I am not interested in buffets either, because u get quantity but not quality.


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  1. If you'd like to stay in North York, Cuisine of India (tandoori salmon/chicken, murg korma) and Thai Bistro are both really good, but I would not say blow-away quality. You probably know about them though. I've also heard really good things about Saravana Bhavan and Vanipha Lanna (emerald curry?)..anyone else?

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      Yes i have been to both cusine of india and thai bistro, they are good. I think the problem once u have something good, u have it a lot and then you look for something else that tastes better than what u are customed to.

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        Cuisine of Indian just keeps going downhill. It's really sad, since it was once a terrific restaurant. Unfortunately, there isn't much else in North York either.

      2. North York eh... I guess I must give a recommendation to Congee Star on Don Mills. (Just north of Eglinton,Wyford) It's Chinese all the way. It's actually more Hong Kong style. Try their clams with a black bean sauce. One of my favorite is their spicy diced turnip cake. (Ask for extra spicy! YUMMMY) And if you are into fried squid, go for the fried spicy one too.
        Their fried rice and noodles are usually excellent. They are all pretty good.