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Late-night dining in Providence?

Any recs for late-night dining? We arrive by train at 10 pm on Friday. We're staying at the Biltmore and won't have a car. Open to all cuisines, as long as it tastes great and is not a chain.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Well you could walk over to Bravo, a american style french bistro (how's that for ya) that has good to very good food at reasonable (under $20) prices. The space is really well done, too, and you might get an after theatre crowd in there. There are better restaurants in Providence for sure, but for a late night dinner within walking distance of the Biltmore this might work out well for you.

    1. ...interesting, I just checked Bravo's website and they have pretty much overhauled their menu. It looks a bit more expensive now, with a slightly broader range of options.

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        Looks sorta boring now - pretty generic, like the EG Paragon (his other restaurant).

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          I agree come to think of it. It had more of a specific bistro menu before. Too bad, although I have not had any of the new dishes, so who knows. I can also get steak frites at Blaze, among other places I suppose.

      2. If you don't mind the college element and a bit of a walk (15ish minutes up the hill from the Biltmore), Thayer Street by the Brown campus has a bunch of stuff open late.

        Lots of cuisines/price points up that way, but I particularly enjoy East Side Pockets for hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern; the mini-donut-shaped falafel are excellent.

        1. Just getting off a train at 10pm, I would NOT be walking up College Hill. Maybe I'm lazy?

          I'd 2nd the Bravo rec. Also, 3 Steeple St serves dinner til 11 on Fridays.

          1. Also, Cheesecake Factory serves until at least 11pm.

            1. If they still make New Yorkers like when I grew up there, brooklyntraveler will be undaunted by a fifteen minute walk. About as far as Thayer Street is Tortilla Flats at Hope and Olney streets. Inauthentic Mexican but fresh, ample and very reasonable with nice draft beer and drinks. Friendly but not "youth ghetto" like Thayer St. Otherwise I second Steeple Street.

              1. Walk to Tortilla Flats from The Biltmore? You're kidding, right? At 10:00PM+? When you just want to grab a bite to eat after a train ride?

                It's a mile and a half - am I the only one lazy enough who wouldn't dream of bothering w/this in this circumstance? (FYI - I'm not a total slug - I could lace up my sneaks now and walk 10 miles)

                1. I am with ya Jane, there really is just no upside to trekking over to Hope/Thayer that time of night when there are better places closer by. And I am a transplanted Bostonian who is used to walking city streets a fair distance.

                  1. If you're anything like me and you get to the end of a train ride completely ravenous and needing a drink and something salty/fattening/yummy, I would really recommend Cuban Revolution, which is on Washington Street, right up the street from the Biltmore. It might not be what you are looking for, but if you want a quick, satisfying and slightly greasy late night meal it is perfect. Cuban sandwiches, rice and beans, empanadas, plantanos, beer, mojitos, all VERY cheap and with Che Guevera and Marilyn Monroe watching over you.
                    A step up from that is Red Fez, on Peck Street. They are open quite late, with a bar upstairs and dining room downstairs, and are a sort of funkier scene. The menu ranges from an amazing mac & cheese to duck tacos to mahi mahi in a banana leaf.
                    Near the fez is 10 Steak and Sushi, a steakhouse/sushi hybrid, which is also open quite late, but is a wee bit pricy (and overpriced). It's very lovely inside and the food is quite good, though.
                    Also right on Washington Street is Gracie's, which is also very pricy but is soooooooo good. They do not have a specific closing time but I would check them out to see if they are still open if you are in the mood for a really lovely but expensive dinner.
                    There are also a slew of restaurants right by the train station near the river. Citron is a good one. It is near a Capital Grille-I am not sure how else to describe how to find it.
                    I really would not recommend Tortilla Flats, both because it is so far and because I have unfortunately never had a good or even neutral meal there.

                    1. OOps I was picturing the walk up Olney from the train station not the Biltmore. Cuban Revolution is a most excellent idea. The Ropas Viejos are delicious. I did not know they are open late.

                      Once at Red Fez we waited so long after being seated that we gave up and left. Maybe I should give them another chance. McCormick and Schmick in the Biltmore is not bad with cheap late night burgers but it is a chain.

                      You are right ginqueen the wrong dish at the Flats can be a stinkeroo - the ribs, sheesh - but let me stick up for the harvest burrito, the fajitas and the homemade salsa.

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                        ah, I have not had any of those at Tortilla Flats. I know so many people who love it and I guess I just have really bad luck with them. Plus I would feel like I was cheating on the people who run Mexico on Atwells if I were to eat enchiladas anywhere else :)
                        I would definitely give the fez another try. I go pretty regularly just because it's one of the few places I think where you can ask for a cocktail and it actually has booze in it and is competently made, and because I like the mix of comfort food & creativity. the waitstaff are a lot warmer than they used to be and if you go on weeknights it's really not busy.

                      2. I love their homemade salsa. Little trick of mine is to get the chips and salsa to go - you get about a cup of salsa and a large bag of chips for $2.50! Store bought salsa alone would cost more than that. Definitely a tex mex place, that does miss on a lot of dishes (chili is awful), but does do a few things well, makes a fine marghareta(I spell it like I've had a few), and has a fun atmosphere.