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Oct 27, 2006 04:20 AM

Late-night dining in Providence?

Any recs for late-night dining? We arrive by train at 10 pm on Friday. We're staying at the Biltmore and won't have a car. Open to all cuisines, as long as it tastes great and is not a chain.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Well you could walk over to Bravo, a american style french bistro (how's that for ya) that has good to very good food at reasonable (under $20) prices. The space is really well done, too, and you might get an after theatre crowd in there. There are better restaurants in Providence for sure, but for a late night dinner within walking distance of the Biltmore this might work out well for you.

    1. ...interesting, I just checked Bravo's website and they have pretty much overhauled their menu. It looks a bit more expensive now, with a slightly broader range of options.

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      1. re: Jenkins

        Looks sorta boring now - pretty generic, like the EG Paragon (his other restaurant).

        1. re: JaneRI

          I agree come to think of it. It had more of a specific bistro menu before. Too bad, although I have not had any of the new dishes, so who knows. I can also get steak frites at Blaze, among other places I suppose.

      2. If you don't mind the college element and a bit of a walk (15ish minutes up the hill from the Biltmore), Thayer Street by the Brown campus has a bunch of stuff open late.

        Lots of cuisines/price points up that way, but I particularly enjoy East Side Pockets for hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern; the mini-donut-shaped falafel are excellent.

        1. Just getting off a train at 10pm, I would NOT be walking up College Hill. Maybe I'm lazy?

          I'd 2nd the Bravo rec. Also, 3 Steeple St serves dinner til 11 on Fridays.

          1. Also, Cheesecake Factory serves until at least 11pm.