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Tipping on Wine

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If you order a very expensive bottle of wine (lets say over $300) do you tip as you would the rest of the meal. I normally tip 20%- on a $300 bottle that would be $60. My friend says that you don't leave a standard tip on the wine but i say you do.

What do you think?

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  1. A-listers always tip on the total of the check including wine.

    1. Your friend is wrong. You tip on the total pre-tax amount.

      Also, if you take a bottle of wine, you should tip on the cost of the wine and not just the corkage.

      1. I disagree. Does the server spend any more time opening and serving a $140 bottle of wine than a $50 bottle? I can accept tipping in relation to the price of food (the higher the price, usually the higher the level of service and training, etc.), but not on wine.

        1. This has been debated recently ad nauseum: