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Oct 27, 2006 03:15 AM

Kiwiberri on 3rd and La Cienega versus Pinkberry

I tried Kiwiberri on 3rd and La Cienega today (in the same mini-mall as Mishima). I understand that Kiwiberri is a ripoff of the infamous Pinkberry, which, in turn, is a ripoff of some chain in South Korea.

The plain yogurt that I tried at Kiwiberri was fine - pleasantly sour and not sickly sweet like most frozen yogurts. The two toppings I tried (blueberries and kiwi) were also fine - fresh and not mushy.

But here is my question to anyone who has been to both Kiwiberri and Pinkberry (I have yet to try the infamous Pinkberry) -- is there any significant difference between Kiwiberri and Pinkberry?

The reason I ask is that while the yogurt at Kiwiberri was fine, it is not something that I would go out of my way for, much less stand in a line. So is Pinkberry that much better than Kiwiberri, or am I just immune to the charms of this style of frozen yogurt?

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  1. basically "in the same ballpark"
    PinkBerry-one of those food/things that
    comes around every few years.
    Design also plays a big part.

    1. My understanding is that there is a chain in Korea that started all of this called Red Mango. There is another chain in Korea called Ice Berry. I believe that Red Mango was first, and I know for a fact through first hand knowledge and contactsw that US franchise rights for Red Mango are currently being sold and planned. I'm not involved with any of these brands in any way.

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        according to my colleagues at the rameniac korea bureau, iceberry isn't a frozen yogurt place; rather, they do the shaved ice/slush type things that are also on the pinkberry menu but no one orders...

      2. Kiwiberri is like a fourth-generation Xerox of Pinkberry. The general contours are recognizable, and some of the character is intact, but everything is just that little bit off, the fruit is nowhere as fresh, and the place feels . . . blurry.

        The Koreatown Pinkberry, on the other hand, is just about perfect of type.

        1. I went to Kiwiberri yesterday and tried their original flavored frozen yogurt (since they were out of green tea). I thought they tasted pretty similar to Pinkberry (which I tried 4 days ago) except Pinkberry's yogurt had that little hint of lemon. Kiwiberri's yogurt was more a plain, sweetened yogurt - I would say with a slightly less tangy taste.

          For $5, I got a 9 oz. serving (hollow in the middle) with blackberries (tasted just like Pinkberry's blackberries and looked just as good), granola (with rice instead of oatmeal) and grahm crackers. Kiwiberri also has cereal toppings which I didn't see at Pinkberry.

          1. Is this place, kiwiberri, still open, we drove by today, actually wanting to stop and try their yogurt, and just couldn't find the place. We really like pinkberry and fiore, but we were in the 3rd and la cienega area and wanted to give kiwiberry a try!
            What happened to Kiwiberri??

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            1. re: lvgoodfood

              Closed. Gone. The 3rd Street location is empty.

              1. re: omotosando

                I can't find the blog I saw this on, but apparently the one on 3rd is closed for an EXTREME MAKEOVER, meaning that show Restaurant Makeover on the Food Network is coming in to revamp the place.

                I'm just wondering how that episode is gonna go. Maybe something like, "So you decided to rip off an existing chain and it didn't work? Hmmm. Let's redo the place."

                And on the topic of knock offs, has anyone been to IF (Italian Frozen Delight)? There's one on Lankershim near Magnolia. It just opened. It's a total knock off, but it's pretty good. They have original, original sour, blackberry and green tea, and some of the same toppings as well as some different ones (red bean for example).