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Oct 27, 2006 03:13 AM

Question about CELADON, the new Asian restaurant on 3rd & Fairfax

Does anyone know if Celadon's owners are the same people who used to own and run Yi? (Yi was the previous restaurant at that same location, which just closed down a couple of months ago.)


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  1. Josephine Chou is listed on the new liquor license, and she was not affiliated with Yi Cuisine. Here is some commentary from Open Table regarding the concept:
    Celadon is a Euro-Asian "galerie culinaire" of small, beautifully presented and mouthwatering plates in a comfortable, chic Asian environment that has both rustic and modern elements. Executive Chef Danny Elmaleh applies classic French techniques to the preparation of his gastronomic seductions for the sight, smell and taste of those who travel though the front doors. A particularly enticing design element of the space features the courtyard, lavishly furnished to draw patrons into another time and place, which provides a delicious and elegant backdrop to "meet and eat." The restaurant features an upscale full bar that is separated from the main dining room, and combines classic elements of yesteryear with a modern atmosphere. The bar menu highlights a variety of selections, including a large list of wines, premium sakes and signature specialty cocktails. The bar and cocktail areas are open late to accommodate the marriage of splendid cocktails and long-lasting conversation.

    1. Darn - got over-excited (thought the Celadon in Napa Valley was opening a restaurant down here) - alas, no.


        1. i hope this place is going to be better than Yi. i really wanted to like Yi but both times i went it was like a train wreck. the food was ok. not bad, just inconsistent. the service was so terrible the second time i went there my table all would break into laughter every 5-10 minutes in complete disbelief.

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            Yeah, the space was lovely... I can't wait to try it out! :)


          2. last two chefs were a little uninspired. hopefully this one will impress...good resume