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Oct 27, 2006 02:13 AM

What to cook with a gorgeous 94 Opus One?

I've been saving a 1994 Opus One. The time has come to share it, so I want to do it justice and make sure my dinner is up to snuff. I was considering going the "steakhouse" route and splurging on some dry-aged bacon-wrapped filets and making some creamed spinach, but though yummy, it seems a bit pedestrian. Anyone have a divine menu suggestion to really showcase the wine?
thanks, diablita

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  1. I like the beef route, but I would not do bacon wrap filets. According to my butcher, the only reason they use bacon is to add flavor to the beef. I would go Prime Porter House or NY Strip.

    Bring Mortons to your home.

    1. I was worried that you were going to cook with the opus.

      1. If it was me i would do the dry aged sans bacon. I would not want too many flavors getting in the way of that wine. As to the Porterhouse or Ny strip, Porterhouse almost always gets an overdone filet side and NY strip is well... not as good as a rib eye with a big cap.

        1. this has your finest roasted prime rib roast written all over

          1. Diablita, There is an excellent recipe for Beef tenderloin coated with coffee and a chili reduction in the new Saveur.
            It should be a great fit.