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Inexpensive Sunday lunch/brunch in Pasadena?

Looking for a lunch/brunch spot that is open on Sunday, near the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. I don't know that area at all. Any kind of food is fine, but I want to stay pretty close to the Huntington, and am looking for something casual and not too expensive.

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  1. Haven't been in awhile, but Pie N Burger is good for breakfast and Burger Continental has an inexpensive and relatively decent brunch, though they can be inconsistent. If you want to spend a little more, there's Julienne in San Marino.

    1. Julienne is not terribly expensive - about $20-$25 per person - and the ambience is a perfect prelude to a day at the Huntington Gardens, if that's what you're doing.

      It's on Mission in San Marino, between Los Robles and El Molino.

      My in-laws always choose the Hamburger Hamlet on South Lake for brunch - in fact, we're all going there this Sunday, as some relatives from out of town are coming for a visit. They do have a decent range of the usual dishes, including their Eggs Benedict that my MIL really loves and always orders, and they make a pretty good Bloody Mary as well.

      1. firefly bistro south pasadena. on mission st and diamond. 626 441-2443

        1. Julienne is an excellent choice except they're NOT open on Sundays.

          I can't imagine going to Pie N Burger for breakfast. It's a hamburger & short order small diner, dominated by the counter with TV on.

          The few times I've been, Burger Continental's buffet looks like it's been left out to long, varied selection, but not real good quality.

          Try Green Street Restaurant, 146 Shoppers Lane, off of S Lake (not on Green St) but expect a wait so plan ahead. I don't know if they take reservations.

          Also- Along S Lake Ave.- there's several very casual nice places offering good light breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and pastries some w/ "patio" outside seating. Wheatberry on S. Lake is a casual bakery & cafe which offers this type of fare and has a wide variety of great pastries incl cupcakes.

          Since HG is in a residential area south of central Pasadena there aren't any restaurants close by. Huntington Gardens does have an afternoon tea- I believe it's food is still buffet style. I've never been so have no opinion other than if it's the Huntington Gardens it should be pretty good.

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            I should correct myself- "there aren't any restaurants close by. Huntington Gardens" - I should have written "very close by". Just about every place to eat in Pasadena is within a 10 minute drive.
            Nicole- If you can give a price range it would help us Chowhounds narrow down the recommendations. You mentioned "inexpensive" and "not too expensive" which is kind of confusing.

            1. Green Street restaurant has a good and affordable brunch menu. It's also close to the Huntington.

              They have EXCELLENT pancakes (I used to work across the street, and would look for excuses to get the co-workers to go to lunch early to eat them . . . they were that good!)


              1. Marston's
                Green Street Cafe
                CrepeVine Bistro
                and possibly Maison Akira (around $25 for bento box brunch (around 6 courses + drink) or $33 for brunch buffet)


                  1. Cafe Verde
                    961 E Green St
                    Pasadena, CA 91106
                    (626) 356-9811

                    Brunch on Sundays is 9am-2pm.
                    Reservations are recommended.

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                      i 2nd cafe verde. just amazing.....

                    2. Just wanted to let you know that we ended up going to Green Street, and we had a great meal. I had a salad with that yummy zucchini bread, husband had eggs benedict, and friend had an omelet...and we were all quite satisfied with our meal. The patio was lovely, price was reasonable, and the location was close to the garden. So thanks so much for all your help!

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                        I'm glad you enjoyed it. Greenstreet's a family favorite.