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Oct 27, 2006 01:05 AM

Found something new and good in Seaside

I had the best experience last night at The Noodle Bar in Seaside. I had driven past it a week ago, and noticed the tiny little restaurant on Fremont St. across from Cost Plus. When I walked in I got the warmest greeting from the owner, who also surprisingly owns my favorite pedicure place down the street. My friend and I each got bowls of Pho, the fantastic Vietnamese noodle soup. She got chicken and I got a mixed bowl with the most tender port cutlet. Each bowl was only $5! The broth was a perfect blend of spices. I don’t like spicy, but they make some of their own chili blends that looked like they might be good if you like spicy stuff. After the Pho, which was big enough to have been the whole meal, my friend and I split their Banana Tapioca pudding and their fried bananas. The pudding was fantastic, refreshing and beautifully light. This restaurant is one of the many little tucked away ethnic jewels on Fremont St in Seaside. I recommend it to everyone! Good things come in little packages, check it out!

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this new place in Seaside. Was the pork soup that you had really pho or was it a different type of maybe hu tieu? I just don't associate pork w/ pho. Do you know what was in the broth base? Thanks again!