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Oct 27, 2006 12:10 AM

siblings birthday

My brothers are taking me out for my birthday and they like to eat and drink!! Any recommendations for three foodies who are not into grazing and clubbing.

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  1. what does that mean exactly? No fru fru food just meat, potatoes and beer?

    1. Had dinner at Trevor tonight. This isn't grazing food -- rich, satisfying, big portions. Highlights of our meal: duck two ways, tacos with beef tartare. Plan to go back for the kobe burgers, asiago mac-and-cheese... hell, everything on the menu sounds good. Good place for guys who like to eat and drink.

      1. If you aren't into the "fru fru" food, try Batifole (Gerrard/Howland). Just simple French bistro food done really well, decent wine list with not-horrible (seems like everything is about 100%) markup.

        For the "fru fru", go to Splendido. More refined and if you are going Thu/Fri, great seafood cooked by Toronto's foremost seafood chef, better wine list but with corresponding hefty markups.

        Another choice if everyone wants to pound back quality eclectic wines in a lively atmosphere, JK Wine Bar. The food and the wines are generally priced to satisfy and JK uses some of the best seasonal produce available.

        1. I suggest Rebel House at Yonge and north of Bloor.