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Oct 27, 2006 12:02 AM

old Italian Restaurant in Syracuse

years ago (late 1970s) my brother and I ate at an Italian restaurant in Syracuse. I believe that the restaurant was on Erie Blvd, but I am not sure. Anyway, I distinctly remember waiting in the bar for a table to come open. the entire bar was decorated with posters from Frank Sinatra movies, and the juke box only had Frank Sinatra songs on it. If my memory is correct, the cuisine was traditional "red sauce Italian."

does anybody remember this restaurant's name and/or location? is it still in existence? thanks!

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  1. Delmonico's maybe? That's on Erie Blvd. Oh- but it hasn't been around since the 70's, but maybe it was under a different name back then. They have lots of Frank and Rat pack memorabilia and the walls are covered in Italian celeb caricatures. They only play Frank and Dean. Mostly red sauce and steaks on the menu.

    1. I think you are describing the old Grimaldi's Restaurant. Unfortunately, it is no more. Delmonico's is O.K. There really aren't any great Italian places left in Syracuse. There are still several good places in Utica and Rome, if you are just traveling through.

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        I think there are quite a few decent Italian places in Syracuse!
        Check out this post for more recommendations:

        A newer place that I've also enjoyed that wasn't mentioned is Gentile's on Burnet:

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          Thanks for the memory jog. I consulted my brother and the name was indeed Grimaldi's. I drove down Erie Blvd. this morning and saw Delmonico's but the building did not look like what i remembered from the 1970s. I stayed at a motel near carrier Circle and saw a restaurant named grimaldi's at Luna Park. is this any relation to the old Grimaldi's on Erie Blvd.?

        2. I've had halfway decent Italian food at Pastabilities in downtown Syracuse, however, I was more or less blown away by some of the Italian dishes they had right around the corner at a place called BC...A little more high-end, but good nonetheless.

          1. I stand by my original post. The last time I ate at Angotti's, the sauce was nothing more than watered down tomato paste. Dominick's is big portions, but the food is nothing to write home about. Francesca's is expensive ingredients, not well prepared. I have not found a single "Italian" restaurant in Syracuse that uses a decent ricotta chese that doesn't run out of the manicotti, lasagna, ravioli or what have you. Compared to Utica, the Italian in Syracuse sucks.

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              I agree about Utica (I grew up in Herkimer) having the better Italian. However, I just moved back to Syracuse after living in Ithaca for awhile and, if we can leave Utica out of it for a moment, Syracuse is a wonderland of Italian possibilities compared to Ithaca.

            2. Changing cities, I remember a red sauce Italian place in Rochester that must have been near a golf course or country club that had a lot of celebrity golf pictures and also pictures of entertainers like Sinatra. It was 5-10 years ago. Anyone know the name/location of this place?