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Oct 26, 2006 11:57 PM

beer festivals

Anyone got a good link to beer festivals in the US?

What are some favorites?

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  1. the beer paper sites have calendars:

    (full disclosure: some Brewing News people are business partners of mine.)

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      alestreetnews brings up the following message:

      You have reached the future site of:
      U.S. Cosmetics & Fragrance Divison

      Brewing News doesn't include August Schell's winter beer festival in New Ulm, MN. They also don't have the Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival in Decatur, GA. Nor do they list the Classic City Brew-Fest in Athens, GA. What else is missing from their site?

      When you click on regions on the Celebrator web site, the midwest/great lakes region is notoriously absent.

      1. re: Loren3

        Looks like the period at the end is the cause of the problem with the ASN site. You'll get there by using this URL:

        Thanks for pointing that out.

        1. re: Loren3

          The gang in Decatur must've made a pact with Lucifer (not the beer). They've had awesome weather for 8-9 years in a row.

          If Ray Daniels could pull off getting the Real Ale Festival together again, I'd be there in a heartbeat. I settle for helping out with the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting instead.

          I haven't been, but the strong ale festival at the Toronado in San Fran is also a destination.

      2. Also you can check under the calendar section.

        1. Also has their own fests - around 4 per year. If you are a beer geek, these are the fests to attend.

          This weekend happens to be the Belgian Beer fest

          1. I would also recommend NYC's Brewtopia if you happen to live in the area. As good or better than most in the country. Website is

            1. This one is great:


              as is this one:


              on the 2nd, the press release doesn't do it justice. Roughly 100 beers to try after the tutored tasting, including everything from local microbrews to Ephemere.