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Oct 26, 2006 11:43 PM

Old english style Prime Rib

Hi - I am trying to find a great prime rib place (besides lawry's) that has sort of an old english feel and comes with sides and yorkshire pudding. Tried the 5 crowns already, and steven's, and will try Tam O' Shatners, but where else has good traditional prime rib?

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  1. not many people are fond of it, but i had a pretty darn good prime rib at buggy whip in westchester a year or 2 ago.

    1. You Have to Definitely try Gullivers in Irvine/Newport Beach. Its directly across from John Wayne Airport on McCarther

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        Yes, Gulliver's is a great place for real old fashioned English prime rib. Even the servers dress up in period outfits! They also have the traditional yorkshire pudding and creamed spinach to go with your meat.

        It's sometimes difficult to find, as the sign isn't easy to see when driving by. It's in the same parking lot as the El Torito as you're driving down MacArthur Blvd in front of the airport. Well worth a visit if you're in the area. They serve this giant, bone-in cut that is so good!

      2. You tried Lawry's, Five Crowns then you've tried Tam O'Shanter--all part of Lawry's Food Group. Tam O'Shanter has that Scottish feel to the place.

        1. I was very unhappy at Tam Oshanter back in August for my wedding anniversary. The food was unimpressive. Service was very lacking. I clearly get the feeling they rely on what they used to be rather then what they are now. For the same money I could have gone to Flemings in the Valley. In fact I was there two weeks later and was so bummed because I spent the exact same money and got top notch food and service there. Made me feel like I was ripped off at Tam. I will never go back.

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            Some people like it and some don't. They've been in business for 80 years. I've been going for years and know what to expect when I go there and there are no surprises. I don't know how they can mess up prime rib.

          2. You might want to try the Whale & Ale in San Pedro. They age their own prime rib, serve it with the traditional sides, and it has that olde English feel to the place.