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Oct 26, 2006 11:41 PM

Dim Sum and Chinese Banquet Hall

Does anyone know where a good dim sum/chinese restaurant is that can also support a wedding banquet?

I'm currently living in NY, but I'm trying to plan a wedding with my fiancee in the dallas/fort worth area. Our families all live down there, so we are trying to plan for a banquet space that would support about 100-125 people.

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  1. Maxim's in Richardson does a huge number of wedding banquets, and could probably handle five times the size of your group.

    For a group that size, you might also check out Kirin Court in Richardson.

    1. I agree with Kirk. I've been to several weddings at Kirin Court in the last few years; it's a popular venue.

      1. Between the two restaurants, I would go with Kirin Court. While the food is good at both, Kirin Court is fancier. Maxim's has gotten a little shabby over the years.

        There are also some very nice banquet halls in Arlington if your family is in the area.

        1. Maxims, Kirin Court, Caravelle, Arc-en-Ciel are all of the popular ones for weddings in the area.