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Oct 26, 2006 11:27 PM

Help! Bostonhound needs Sat dinner/Sun lunch near 5th St and 8th Ave PARK SLOPE

Hi! We're coming into town for a wedding that will take place on Sunday night and are looking for dinner recs close to 5th St (between 8th Ave and Prospect Park W) for Saturday. We've heard 7th Ave has lotsa spots, but which ones? Also it's supposed to be windy and pouring, so a shorter walk might be the ticket. And of course we need a place that doesn't require a rez. Then on Sunday we need a light lunch, not brunch, spot. TIA

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  1. Because I was in Boston last weekend and got some decent recs from yr board, here you go:

    for saturday dinner, yr best bet is applewood. there might be a wait but with the weather, who knows. call ahead to see what they think. applewood is the best restaurant in park slope in my opinion...excellent for a fall night. david shea does excellent work with pork and lamb so id go for that. service is mixed...david's wife (linda?) is totally great but the other servers are sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

    As a backup, try 12th street bar and grill on 12th and 8th ave. Quality american standards. If the rain lets up, as a backup to Applewood, I'd check out Stone Park on 5th avenue and 3rd street followed by a beer across the street at the gate. Or if you don't mind the hike, Taro sushi on dean street between 5th ave and flatbush has the best sushi in brooklyn...and its damn cheap...omakase starts at $30.

    1. Also close by is Sette on 3rd Street and 7th Avenue. They also do "brunch" but you can get more lunchy items on the menu. Ditto 12th Street Bar and Grill.

      1. If you're in the mood for Italian, there is always Al Di La and Tempo (both near 5th and Carroll). If ADL is too crowded, just walk half a block south. You will certainly enjoy a sandwich at Stone Park, mentioned above. It does get crowded, though, so there may be a wait. I prefer to just sit at the bar. And they can't serve Bloody Marys until noonish by law. There is nothing too spectacular on 7th by you, but a car service will take you to and fro any place in the neighborhood for about $6.