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Oct 26, 2006 10:54 PM

Trip to Gloucester/Rockport

We are going to Rockport for the weekend and since they have few restaurants, are there some not to miss in Gloucester or Essex area? Also is there a place to stop on the way from Connecticut(right off highway) to pick up some special bakery goods to bring to a friend?

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  1. IMO really good non-standard- -restnts are hard to come by up that way. lots of amer. seafood and clam shack type places(do NOT go to Woodman's in Essex for clams.)read my post about Ithaki Greek restnt in Ipswich for a lovely restnt and some v. good food if you DON"T stick to the more typical greek entrees.(enter Ithaki into the search box)

    In Gloucester DO NOT go to ALchemy. Put Gloucester into the Search box and a number of things will come up. I have had good brunch and lunch at Passport in Gloucester.Cozy, low key International influences. White Rainbow disappointing. The Cape Ann Historical Association has a LOVELY small art museum in gloucester. in Rockport looks like a beautiful view and nice menu but I haven't eaten there.

    the drive from gloucester through essex, ipswich, rowley, to newburyport-on rt 113- is one of the prettiest in Mass. Newbport has Glenn's Galley for exc food with caribb, asian, ital. influences. Newbport is one of the handsomest and best preserved of Massachusetts'historic towns.

    1. i posted this a few weeks ago in response to another CH taking a day trip to Rockport. I would like to add:

      we had a fabulous brunch at the grennery last weekend. service was bad as usual but the veggie omlet, toast and homemade jam were excellent.

      the doughnuts at the coffee shop are homemade and awesome.

      helmuts strudel is really good and a great snack for the car ride home.

      my in-laws like the new Beach Streat Bistro across from "Front Beach"...I've never been.

      In Gloucester we like The Blackburn Tavern, good pub nachos, chicken sandwiches and rubens. They carry Fisherman's Brew made in Gloucester, great microbrew.


      Good morning!

      We're Rockport residents and our favorites are:
      The Top Dog - great hot dogs and turkey dogs, very, very cas
      The Greenery - good sandwiches, desserts and if you get a good table a of our "nicer" lunch places with visitors
      Fish Shack - Basic, fried/new england food. I like their fried fish sandwich
      The Lobster Pool - not downtown, but a nice place for an outside meal. We like the view better than the food, but the food is pretty good. BYOB
      Flav's Red Skif - Locals favorite for breakfast (until 11) and sandwiches until 2, great veggie melt and ruben

      Best ice cream IMHO is Molly's...they serve Richardson's and it's fresh. The Bean and Leaf is nice to grab a coffee and watch the water.

      Have a great time and enjoy your visit

      1. I disagree with opinionated chef regarding Alchemy. We've been there many times with different people and everyone has always had a great meal. Also good in Gloucester is The Franklin Cape Ann and Causeway for a more casual setting, BYOB and huge portions. There is almost always a line for Causeway so you have to plan accordingly. We like Farnham's in Essex or Essex Seafood for clams & lobster. Duckworth's is nice for a more fancy experience. Surprized to see Blackbun recommended for food. More of a bar/club, I would be leary of the food. In Rockport my favorite is Lograsso's. It's a deli by day and white tablecloth Italian resto by night (BYOB). Have fun, I love Cape Ann!

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          I wholeheartedly agree with SEH. RE.the Causeway, don't expect much and you'll love the place. Nothing fancy, but the food is fresh and very good. I'd love to try some of the pasta dishes but I always get lured in by the fish dishes. Their lobster pie is great.

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            Great value, good food. The portions are obnoxiously large, some entrees could be split three ways and be enough for everyone.

        2. In humble defense of my Blackburn rec, I adore their grilled chicken sandwiches and curly fries. The nachos are very basic, but the portion is huge, fresh chips, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. and they both go great with a beer and you can't beat the price. Fine dining it is not! but a cute "local" place for a beer. As far as Alchemy, my experience is when it's good it's very good, but when it's bad it's terrible. Still, nice decor and location, we go from time to time.