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Per Se Recommendations

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With the help of the concierge at my hotel, I snagged one of those hard to get reservations at Per Se. Any suggestions as to which of the three menus I should try? Are there any "must try" dishes?

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  1. I haven't been there but a friend of mine says the white truffle risotto is the best dish she has had in her life.

    1. Do the chef's tasting menu. No debate. Order either of the white truffle specials if they still are available (probably are). I had the polenta with white truffles a couple of weeks ago and it was, without a doubt, one of the best things I've eaten in ages. The "oysters and pearls" dish to start out also is sensational.

      1. Whatever you get -- please report back to this board, so we can all live vicariously though what will surely be a rare experience!

        1. If they have the Wyagu steak, get it. Was the best steak I ever had by a good margin and the highlight of the meal when I went. Have fun.

          1. I had the Chef's Tasting Menu about a month ago....every bite was AMAZING!!! (If I think really hard, the only slight criticism I can come up with is the lobster in one of the courses was very slightly overcooked....slightly) ENJOY!

            1. Definately do the Chef Tasting Menu. you'll remember it for a lifetime. The most interesting and varied meal I've ever had. Everything was simply magnificent.

              1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. My reservation is for the end of December. I'll be sure to post to the board about my meal.

                1. I'm going this Sunday and heard some advice on foie gras, but can't find the details. any substitutions that I must try????


                  1. I say do the chef's tasting menu with all possible supplements - foie gras for sure, kobe beef and/or white truffles if they have it. Do the wine pairing as well. If you're going to splurge on a meal like this, might as well go all the way. I did this for lunch there about a year ago and will never forget the meal.